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BREAKING: Hadi Choopan Is out of Arnold Classic

Hadi Choopan will not be able to compete at Arnold Classic, Ohio 2018

The 30 year old Hadi “The Persian Wolf” Choopan earned his IFBB Pro status at IFBB Diamond Cup in Dubai in 2016. Only two days after, he made his Pro debute at the Sheru Classic, where he took second place after the winner Roelly Winklaar.

In contrast, 2017 was also a successful year for the Persian where he almost beat Flex Lewis at Asia Grand Prix.

Afterwards, Choopan went on to take the second spot in the open division after Cedric McMillan at San Marino Pro after a close call.

Chopan was going to make an anticipated showing at the Arnold Classic in two weeks.
However, he will not be be able to compete due to US current travel ban. Immigration and visas are becoming  more difficult to get (especially for those in Iran).

In addition to the earlier news of Shawn Rhoden‘s withdraw. this is a sad day since another Arnold Classic competitor bites the dust and will not be able to compete.

However, the lineup of athletes is still impressive.

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