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BREAKING NEWS: The Era of FLEX Magazine Comes to an End

Heavyweight Bodybuilding Publication FLEX Magazine releases its last issue in April


There have been many breaking stories in last six months of the bodybuilding world. Federations splitting up, bodybuilders passing away too early,  Shawn Perine, editor in chief for Weider Publishing’s Muscle & Fitness passing at the age of 51 and now. Additionally, the latest edition to shake the bodybuilding industry is that FLEX Magazine, started by Joe Weider and Weider publications will release it last edition next month April 2018.

FLEX released it first issue 1983 by Joe Weider and the first athlete to be featured on the cover was the 1982 Mr. Olympia  Chris Dickerson.

As the most bodybuilding probably know, or should know, is that FLEX has been the heavyweight king when it comes to hardcore bodybuilding magazines around the world.

Joe Weider’s publications was sold to AMI (American Media Inc.) in 2002. Joe Weider continued to work with the magazines under AMI’s Weider Publications ancillary until his death in 2013.

AMI are also owners of the annual Mr. Olympia Weekend.

Official statement to subscribers:
Dear Flex Magazine Subscriber;
Thank you for being a subscriber to Flex Magazine. We hope you have enjoyed each issue. Effective with the May issue, Flex will no longer be published. You last issue will be the April issue. However, the good news is that Flex is merging with Muscle & Fitness magazine. Starting with the May 2018 issue – and for the remainder of your subscription – you will receive Muscle & Fitness that incorporates Flex content.
Expect the new Muscle & Fitness to include all the tips and workout programs Flex readers and avid bodybuilders crave, as well as the latest training and nutrition trends, expert interviews, gear, and tech needed to train smarter, build muscle, and sculpt your best physique ever.
If you are also a current subscriber to Muscle & Fitness, your subscription will be automatically extended for your remaining copies of Flex.
Look for your first issue in your mailbox in April.
Thank you.
Flex Magazine




















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