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The Bodybuilding & Fitness Rewind List of 2014

The Bodybuilding & Fitness Rewind List of 2014JC

1. Ms. Figure Olympia Nicole Wilkins is a woman of her own. In other words she can be the Iris Kyle version of Figure Olympia – who can beat her?

2. The Beast From the East “Mamdouh “Big Ramy” Elssbiay”. is probably nothing more NYC-Pro champion among other champions who wants the Olympia title.

3. 29 % of the US hair salons ran out of black dye color – as a result The Black Hair ruled the stages once more in the female fitness divisions.

4. Phil “The Gift” Heath came into the Olympia in his worst conditioning yet – but that didn’t stop him from winning his 4th Sandow.  He might also have peaked his physique potential in previous years, but that might be enough to be the king of the Olympia throne for a while anyway.

5. The Fitness Industry is still growing – amateur & pro-shows and expos are expanding to what seems to be all the corners of the world.

6. Too many bodybuilders both young and retired from competing left us way too early – hopefully 2015 will be a bit different and should include some changes in the bodybuilding community.

7. More than 50% of the NPC card holders now are in the Men’s Physique and Bikini Divisions”.

8. Kai Greene showed that bodybuilding is more than flexing & posing showing true human emotions during the Olympia.

9. KARMA seems to have taken care of some of the spiking supplement companies this year by letting them go bankrupt.

10. The Bodybuilding Messiah of 2014 was the Orlando Europa Pro Show Winner “Justin “Thick n’ Dence” Compton”. Watch out 2015 there might be a true Show Stopper on the Rise!

11. Many Pro-athletes got released from exclusive contracts – the future might include more and more free agents.

12. In the Grand Finale: Iris Kyle retired in Great Fashion by winning her 10th Ms. Olympia title.


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