How to Cope With an Injury!

By Anders JP Eskilsson Injuries happen to most of us from time to time. They can be annoying, especially if you are following a good training and nutrition plan. Injuries can be even more annoying and frustrating if you must take time off from the gym. However, there are ways …

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Is Bodybuilding Beneficial for Your Health?

Mike Nachman Is Bodybuilding Beneficial for Your Health?   All of us who began training at one point in time implemented the fundamentals of bodybuilding. It wasn’t complicated; we used the basic exercises, nothing fancy, and we got progressively stronger by increasing the weights on the bar, plus broke a …

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Proud to be Old School

  By Anders JP Eskilsson As I open the heavy iron door, a scent of liniment mixed with a murky basement type of smell entered my nostrils. Well inside the hallway I heard loud music coming from the inner rooms along with heavy weights falling to the naked concrete floor. …

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Another Round with Alcohol & Bodybuilding!

  Another Round with Alcohol & Bodybuilding! By: Anders JP Eskilsson I’m squeezing myself through people to reach the crowded bar. Meanwhile really loud house music is blasting in the background and multi-colored spotlights are flashing all over the place. Finally I have reached my goal. The bartender greets me …

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Life Is Not Complete Without Passions

Life Is Not Complete Without Passions. Author: Anders JP Eskilsson We who live in the western society and in a democracy, we are in general blessed with the choice to study and get a degree to find an occupation that we really love and that stimulates our creativity. There are of …

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