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COMPLETE DAY IN THE LIFE VIDEOS ARE COMING! THE WORKOUT: Exercise 1: Lat Variation Seated Row Exercise 2: Pull Ups Exercise 3: Under Hand Pull Overs Exercise 4: Close Hand Pull Overs Exercise 5: Under Hand Lat Pulldown Exercise 6: X Style Rear Delt Pull Exercise 7: Reverse Pec Deck …

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Orthorexia: When Training and Nutrition Becomes Your Enemy

Orthorexia: When Training and Nutrition Becomes Your Enemies! Author: Linda Ericson Unlike other, more well-known eating disorders, orthorexia is characterized by a pathological fixation with a healthy diet. Almost exclusively the person shows similar anxiety symptoms as the ones who are commonly associated with anorexia nervosa, but in the case of …

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Dennis Wolf Returns to Arnold Classic 2018!

Dennis Wolf, suffered an injury to his neck which additionally meant a 2.5 year lay off, but Wolf is now planning to make a comeback. In the video you are about to see Wolf explains to his fans how much he appreciate them plus that he is aiming to compete …

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