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Industry Warning: Robert DiMaggio

Industry warning regarding Robert DiMaggio CEO of MuscleGelz, Ironmaglabs, and Ironmagazine. During the last five months Rising Muscle as a media company has been contacted by several sources who have reported misconduct when it comes to the business of  Robert DiMaggio. The complaints comes from both writers, athletes and other …

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Regan Grimes: Why I Came Back from Kuwait

  Last year 24 year old Canadian bodybuilder Regan Grimes headed to Kuwait to train at the Bodybuilding Mecca of the east, Oxygen Gym. Many believed that Regan was going to pursue a journey of becoming one of largest men on the planet, However, after three months with the Camel Crew …

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Ronnie Coleman Last Surgery Was Successful!

8x Mr. Olympia Ronnie Coleman has had a number of surgeries over the last years. King Coleman is undeniably one of the most successful bodybuilders who ever lived. However, that with a tremendous struggle behind the bar and doing what was necessary to be the best, injuries are unfortunately always …

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IFBB Pro Loses Leg During Contest Preparation!

During preparation for the 2018 Arnold Classic Columbus Men’s Physique Pro Shawn Lebega, suffered a blot clot in his right calve. The surgeons removed blood clot, but even with nerve replacement from his thigh to ankle and calve complications including poor circulation have resulted in the need to amputate his leg from …

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