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Inspiring 76-Year-Old Lady Defies Her Age in an Epic Deadlift!

76-year old Ann Buszard couldn’t even get up from a chair at one point in time, according to her Starting Strength trainer. However, now, the 76-year-old woman has made an amazing progress in strength and vitality. Ms. Bszard can deadlift 200 pounds, something she proved in front of a cheering crowd at …

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IFBB Bikini Pro: Frida Paulsen Stern

Country: Sweden City: from Stockholm currently living in Marbella Age: 23 Occupation: coach bikini fitness/wellness/fitness model and posing Marital status: boyfriend Robert Hägglund who I’m living in Spain with Height: 169cm 5’5ft Years in training: pretty much all my life. football since like 3 years old, lifting since maybe 2012 Weight: on / off 60kg …

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