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Chad Nicholls Releases Exclusive Pictures of Dennis James

One of the more prominent gurus of the bodybuilding industry has yet again released rare photos of his early clients. This time around it’s the German-American bodybuilder Dennis “The Menace” James time around. “For this TBT I’ve got some really cool shots of Dennis James from Thursday afternoon before the …

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The Best Biceps Pump You’ll ever Experience

The Best Biceps Pump Ever Warning: Long term effects of this biceps training approach have yet to be determined Loaded weapons on the streets may be a major concern for the general population, and rightfully so. It is a cause for concern that needs to be rectified. Loaded guns in …

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Chris Bumstead Will Only Do One Show in 2018

It the end of January, the 22-year-old Canadian IFBB Classic Physique superstar Chris Bumstead confirmed that he will only do one show this year, namely the Mr. Olympia. At last years run for the title Bumstead was one of the most anticipated athletes in the whole Olympia. In addition, the …

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Watch Cedric McMillan Blast Shoulders!

Cedric McMillan’s last months of 2017 was one of his best competition wise. McMillan took the second spot at the Ferrigno Legacy and won the San Marino Pro. In this video Cedricon is back in the gym during his off season to blast his shoulders for the next show season. …

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