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IFBB Pro League Calender 2018

Here is the schedule for all the IFBB Pro League shows for men’s open and the 212 division 2018 Open division: Arnold Classic USA – 2-3. March 2018 – Columbus Arnold Classic Australia – March 16-18, 2018 – Melbourne Indy Pro – March 31, 2018 – Indianapolis New York Pro …

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Increase Muscle Mass to Burn More Fat

Increase Muscle Mass to Burn More Fat Author: Josh Hodnik   I happened to be on the phone one night with former NPC heavyweight competitor Brandon Lowe while he was placing an order at a fast food restaurant. Brandon put me on hold while he placed his order. After hearing …

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Rising Muscle Welcomes Granite Supplements!

Rising Muscle Welcomes John Meadows & Granite Supplements as our newest sponsor to Rising Muscle’s Media Network! More than an IFBB Pro, John “Mountain dog” Meadows is a nutritionist, coach and a father among other things.  Meadows is one of the most respected and knowledge persons when it comes to …

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The Power of Goji Berries!

Author: Linda Ericson     Most people have surely heard about goji berries but not  from everyone knows about their exceptional benefits. As in the case of both blueberries and cranberries the goji berry is filled with antioxidants, vitamins, minerals as well as amino acids, including all eight essential ones …

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2017 Europa Dallas Scorecards

2017 Europa Dallas Scorecards Be sure to Follow Rising Muscle today to receive even more news from the world of bodybuilding & fitness!                                                       …

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What You Need to Know about Fat!

Author: Linda Ericson Fat is a part of the human body’s structure, including muscles, water, bone and organs. All components are crucial to our health and especially the amount of fat is directly related to physical well-being and performance. Body fat is a collective name for various types of fatty …

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