This time we are heading to Pittsburgh Pennsylvania to meet IFBB Bikini Pro Lynn Ann Sambuco. Lynn started training at a young age and has also Lynnbeen involved and worked inside the industry for many years. Besides being a professional bikini athlete she also has her own competitive fitness team called ‘Team Bella Body’.

Country: US
State: PA
City: Pittsburgh
Age: 43
Occupation: IFBB Pro Athlete, CPT, Owner – Team Bella Body
Height: 5’3” / 162 cm
Contest background:
I have  competed for 6 years but I’ve always been into sports and athletics.
This is my 4th year competing at the Pro level.
Last show competed: Pittsburgh Master’s Pro (August 2014) – 3rd Place Winner.


RM: Lynn, would you like to take us back to the moment in life when you started with weight training and what the reasons behind it were:

LS: At 19, I joined my first gym and immediately became passionate about it.  I was always athletic and I think the gym provided me with another sports-like, competitive outlet that I had longed for again.

RM: I you could give some advises to yourself when you began training, what would those be?

LS: BETTER TRAINING KNOWLEDGE!! Training your body appropriately for the body type you wish to have.  I remember doing things that would not enhance my overall physique and was simply repeating what I saw someone else doing at the gym, as shown in a magazine or because someone else told me it might be a good idea to do it.  Exercises such as training obliques with heavier weights would cause my waist to become thicker and going too heavy on the leg press would cause the same result as the latter.  Sometimes too much is only that . . .TOO MUCH!

RM: If we would open your fridge at this m10818452_755025877878301_1676297396407181668_ooment, what would we find?

LS: You would find fresh salmon, ground bison, organic free-range chicken, cage free eggs, almond milk, peanut butter, spinach, green beans and greek yogurt,  Yes, if you open my fridge I’m eating pretty clean.  It’s my pantry that becomes less healthy!  Think carbs!;-)

RM: How would you describe your training style?

LS: I train for aesthetics, to enhance my weaknesses and for my category which is Bikini. I am training my shoulders and glutes hard and heavy, carefully executing abdominals so as to not build thick obliques, while doing more toning and isolative training on my legs, biceps and triceps.

RM: Lynn, would you like to tell us about your project, Team Bella Body?

I am a current team owner and coach. I help competitors and non competitors bring their very best to the stage or life event. I provide training, nutrition, posing/walking skills along with all aesthetics. I tend to b10169414_10204051024222371_4775838124499141669_ne very meticulous and detail oriented about suit choice, hair, make up and all those little details that give an overall edge. My training is very specific in order to enhance the overall appearance of the female body. As an athlete and current competitor I have current awareness and direct correlation with the industry scene. I have worked with a diverge range of clients including adult clinical obesity patients to highschool students, pagent competitors, moms and mothers of the bride.

My background is in both Psychology and Business with prior experience in Functional Family Therapy, behavioral modification and social work. I strongly feel my background skills and love for people had allowed for added insight for my current position. I AM LOVING EVERY MINUTE OF IT!!!

RM: When are you planning to compete again?

LS: I have the desire but will be refraining in the short term due to injuries I sustained while skiing late this winter. I had surgery and am currently undergoing Physical Therapy for my injuries.

RM: Time for the last question, what are your plans for the summer of 2015?

LS: I am going to enjoy it! If I take the summer off it will be the first summer in 6 years that I haven’t competed. I feel a bit of stress over that because I have done this repeatedly at this time of year and so it has somewhat become my habit, my structure and dare I say, my compulsion. I think this summer will be an excellent opportunity to enjoy other forms of exercise and hobbies. I’m going to take tennis lessons and go biking and rollerblading.  I’m going to plant a garden!! I’m excited to explore some changes!!!

RM: Ok Lynn, if there is anything you want to add feel free to do so:

I would like the stress the word BALANCE to everyone!!! I have seen and know others who allow competing and the bodybuilding lifestyle to become obsessive. Their only friends and relationships become those who compete, their lives revolve around what they eat and going to the gym. This allows f3MAP-8339-Editsor little growth in other areas of their lives. Couple this with the addition of a social media component, think continual selfies, endless pictures of food they are eating and the like. This lures many into trying to become social media stars and further reinforcing more self- absorbed behaviors. I participate in this as well but only to the limit of how it is affecting my overall lifestyle.  If I allow this sport to take over more of my life I would not have had the ability to have some growth in other ways albeit a mom, wife, friendship, work, community involvement, etc. I am grateful for these other aspects which are true gifts in my life.  I try to always keep this in mind because I truly have the desire to strive for balance and a well- rounded approach to further development in my life while nurturing my industry passions.

RM: Thank you for your important words Lynn and that you took time to make this interview. Rising Muscle wishes you all the best with in the future, both with your team and your physical rehabilitation.

Contact info:

Facebook: Lynn Ann Sambuco
Facebook Athlete Page: Lynn Sambuco
Instagram: @tbellabody
Twitter: Lynn Sambuco Ifbb Pro

Photo Credits:

Ocean picture: Brian Landis
Blue bikini:  Dan Ray
Car shot: JM Manion
Gym shot: 
Mid Atlantic Photography (Mike Cadotte)



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