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Next stop in Rising Muscle’s global profile series will take us all the way to Philippine Islands where we are going to meet up bodybuilding phenom Eduardo Pineda Jr. for an interview. Pineada Jr. has had a 1asuccessful competitive 2015 and 2016 as an amateur and has additionally been living in Kuwait to make the most of his training and to get closer to winning the illusive IFBB Pro card.

Another goal of Pineda Jr. is to become the first Filipino to set the foots on the Mr. Olympia stage!

So let’s welcome Mr. Eduardo Pineda Jr.


Country: Philippines
City: Angeles city
Age: 31
Occupation: Gym instructor
Height: 5’7 / 170 cm
Weight: 85kg / 187 lbs
RM: Eduardo Pineda Jr., would you like to tell us bit about your background and what lead you into wanting to become a bodybuilder?

gbfgEPJR: I was into bodybuilding when I broke up with my ex during college days its sounds weird but it’s the motivation that pushes me that time.

RM: You are born in the Philippines but are now living in Kuwait if I’m correct, how did this move come about?

EPJR: I was competing in Philippines when someone from Kuwait saw me and ask me if I want to work in his in Kuwait that’s why I’m residing here.

RM: Eduardo, how would you describe the bodybuilding scene in Philippines versus the one in Kuwait?

EPJR: I described it as a competitive way there is a lot of differences specially in supplementation because in Philippines we can’t afford to buy this kind of supplements second the genetics is a big major role in competing against arab people.

RM: What are your specific future goals as a completive bodybuilder & when are you planning to compete again?

EPJR: My goals is to get my pro card and of coursgbjke to compete in mr olympia as the first filipino to compete. My coach and i are planningbto compete in this coming hongkong olympia amateur and trying to get that pro card.

RM: what does your weekly training schedule look like?

EPJR: For off season one body part each day then during pre contest two muscles a day

  1. Chest triceps
  2. Back biceps
  3. Shoulders traps
  4. Legs and calvesand then repeat the program to the top. During My pre contest i dont take any days Off. I want to feel The pain i will just rest after my comptettion is done. Plus that I train abs every day ..and im not a real fan of cardio just saying ;D

RM13327364_1162917223730382_3378563536097043414_n: Do you have any advices to newcomers who want to become competetive bodybuilders?

My advice to the new comers is keep motivated earn your goals in a harder way and be patient and most of all believe in yourself.

RM: Thank you for taking the time to participate in this interview Eduardo. Best of luck in your future preperations of becoming a IFBB Pro and have a great summer!


Contact info

Instagram: ed_pinedajr
Facebook: Eduardo Pineda Jr





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