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Arnold Classic Australia: Kevin Levrone Looks Impressive at 260 lbs!

Kevin “The Maryland Muscle Machine” Levrone gets ready for his last battle at Arnold Classic Australia.

The 53 year old, turning 54 this year, Kevin Levrone is only 4 weeks away from his last show according to himself.

In addition to his comeback, Levrone stepped on stage at Mr. Olympia 2016 where a lot of fans of the bodybuilding world was staggered to see their old idol coming back to compete.

Unfortunately the anticipated return didn’t live up to the expectations due to a few factors. One of them being injuries which resulted in Kevin not being able to train legs at the capacity that he wanted. Something which also showed on stage and marked down his symmetry.

However, in the recent shots from Levrone’s last journey to the competitive stages his legs seem to have grown  as well as his overall physique.

In the following picture the Maryland Muscle Machine is said to be pushing 260 lbs in close to contest shape,



Born To Over Come. I’d like to thank the greatest coach in my life he wakes me up everyday keeps me safe and healthy mind body and spirit. High and Lows he’s got my back 247….. Thank You GOD for allowing me to have this opportunity to step on stage @arnoldsportsau I’ve always believed in the things that I couldn’t see with the naked eyes. God showed me the ending before I began this journey. This One Is For You My Fans. I hope you all have learned that where the mind goes the body will follow. Don’t Ever Believe Another Human Being When They Speak Negativity On What Your Capability’s Are. You keep visualizing and believing in your self – it to shall pass. See you on stage in 5 weeks world if God willing. #godsplatform #godbetheglory #godleadme #borntoovercome #history #itsdone #kevinlevrone #fullarmorofgod FYI like I said my goal is to look better then I did in 2016. I’m competing against myself. One Love ??

Ett inlägg delat av Kevin Levrone™ (@kevinlevrone)


Levrone is also known to be extremely focused and disciplined during his contest preparation. He actually goes into a form of battle mood  where he sleeps in a empty room on a blank floor visualizing himself conquering the stages. When it comes to all the negative responses from his last showing, he said he used all of that and canalized it into fuel to be at his best.

Working on back thickness tonight. FYI I did many working sets rack pulls conventional style before pulling from the floor. What you see in this video is my last pull with 12 plats just to have something to post. Not bad for a old guy who never deadlift in my whole career. So I’m trying my best. Thanks to the atmosphere and support from everyone at @exilefitness I’m able to go 100% and try new things to push myself. Just Go For It Man…SHAABOOM Baby! ??@generationironofficial @exilefitness @musculardevelopment @jimmysfamousmeals @woosleyperformancecenter @gorillawearusa @levrone_signature_series @cardilloweightbelts #godbetheglory #levrone #kevinlevrone #deadlift #getinshape #exilefitness #cardilloweighbelts

Ett inlägg delat av Kevin Levrone™ (@kevinlevrone)

The last dance for Levrone is getting closer. What do you believe, do you think his performance will be any better than the last time he competed at the Olympia, or does Kevin even have the chances to win Arnold Classic Australia 2018?

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