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Arnold Classic 2018: Bodybuilding Predictions

So, it’s time for the big guys! This year we’re actually seeing the most stacked line up in years! Last year it was all about Ced and Dallas (RIP big man), this year we’ve got 14 guys (Rhoden is out) competing and i can honestly say that I think that there’s four guys that’s good enough to win this, with another four guys good enough to battle for a place in the top six. I’ll list this eight guys below.

By: Anton Eurenius

Top guys:

Lionel Beyeke
William Bonac
Maxx Charles
Jonathan De La Rosa
Dexter Jackson
Steve Kuclo
Cedric McMillan
Roelly Winklaar

Dark horses:

Dennis Wolf
Justin Rodriguez

Not in the top 10:

Hidetada Yamagishi
Lukas Osladil
Paul Poloczek
Fred Smalls
Shawn Rhoden – Not competing

In this section I’m just gonna write about the top guys and the dark horses, so basically my top ten guys!

The top guys:

Lionel Beyeke

Lionel got it all, he’s big, he’s lines are outlandish and his bellies are just amazing, so why isn’t he a regular in the top ten at the Olympia, why isn’t he even a regular Olympia competitor? We’ll he’s never in that category of conditioning you gotta be at at this level, at least not by the standards these days, if he gets there though, a lot of guys should be worried, because this guy is as dangerous as they get!William Bonac

Bonac is what i like to call, a “Perfect build”, he doesn’t lack anything muscular, and if your not counting structural builds (narrow shoulders) and his height he’s possibly the most complete one out there! This guy got work ethics, he’s trained by an Olympia-winning coach and he almost always comes in shredded to the bone, William is going to be one of the two last guys standing here, mark my words!Maxx Charles

Maxx is tall, he’s wide, and he’s placed in the top seven here twice before, including last years 3rd place! Maxx is built like a champion and if he’s coming in improved from last year, in good conditioning, i’m sure he can place in the top five this year.

Jonathan De La Rosa

One of the most underrated bodybuilders out there, Jon has been so close to the crown as the King of New York on more than one occasion. This is the first time he’s going to enter the Arnold stage in Ohio, he’s done so in Brazil, Spain and South Africa before, placing as high as 3rd in Brazil, Jon will most likely place between 6th-10th here.Dexter Jackson

The Blade has the most Pro wins (28) out of everyone that has ever had an IFBB Pro Card, he’s also the one who has the most Arnold Ohio victories (5) out of everyone, as well as being a Mr. Olympia (2008). Dexter, as always is the guy to beat here, but there’s not many that will be doing that, if any, Dexter stands last together with Bonac.

Steve Kuclo

Kuclo makes his comeback here after being absent from the stage for 1,5 years, he’s a former Arnold Brazil Winner and has placed 9th in the Olympia, Steve won’t win this, he’ll probably place somewhere between 8-10th, but he may surprise us all and place in the top six if all the right stars are aligned.

Cedric McMillan

Last years winner, and arguably the best physique in open bodybuilding over the last years, come on, even Arnold loves him! Cedric could be the best there ever was, if he was only to nail his conditioning, a “Blade shredded” (like Dexter) Cedric McMillan would challenge Phil Heath for the Sandows, but we’re still waiting to see that, as well as Cedric probably are. Will place in the top five, possibly in the top three, if he’s on the money, i’ll change my mind, because then he will be untouchable!

Roelly Winklaar

The biggest of the biggest since Ramy isn’t here, Roelly is a mass monster that has happened to find his groove over the last couple of years, Kuwait has done him wonders! Roelly was one of those guys who could win anything, “If just…” then he actually did just what he had to do, he nailed his conditioning, he controlled his stomach and he started winning shows! Roelly is a force to be reckoned with, i’m sure he’ll place somewhere in the top five!

Dark Horses:

Dennis Wolf

A former Arnold champion (2014), an eight time top six Olympian, but after 2,5 years of being absent from the stage due to injuries… What Dennis will this be? Is he merely a ghost of his former self? Is he back where he left us? No one knows, except Dennis and Dennis (James), if Dennis truly is back, then he will fight for a spot in the top six, but we gotta remember that these other guys have had 2,5 years of improving and competing, Dennis has not.Justin Rodriguez

One of last years greatest up and coming athletes, Justin placed 4th at the New York Pro and 2nd at the Chicago Pro, this guy is aesthetic and he’s confident, if he’s improved from last year, like really improved, then he can be dangerous, and if someones off, then he can climb in the rankings for sure!


1st: Dexter Jackson

2nd: William Bonac

3rd: Cedric McMillan

4th: Roelly Winklaar

5th: Maxx Charles

6th: Jonathan De La Rosa

7th: Dennis Wolf

8th: Lionel Beyeke

9th: Justin Rodriguez

10th: Steve Kuclo



About Anton Eurenius:

Born 1994 in Sweden.  I have a background in football (soccer), playing it between 4 and 18 years of age. Around the time I was 15 I went to the gym with my dad a couple of days a week, since my dad was a former competitive bodybuilder he teached me some basic movements and I was training with him for about 3 months. But being a rebellious teenager I stopped going when we moved cities and the football season started, stating that “I hate weight training and i don’t wanna build more muscle”, for the next couple of years the only training I did at the gym was some cardio and basic leg exercises.

As you probably understand things have changed, since 2012 I’ve been training hard and almost religiously been trying to build muscles, shaping a physique. Since 2015 I’ve done 5 shows, crowning it all of with the gold medal and first place trophy at last years Swedish Nationals. You see, things change, I’m nowadays kind of a bodybuilding-nerd, I love reading articles, researching about it, watching youtube series and listen to various bodybuilding related radio shows/podcasts and if someone asked me now, I would most likely say “I LOVE weight training and i wanna build A LOT more muscle!”.


Do you agree with Anton’s predictions or which one do you have as the top finishers?

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