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WATCH: Arnold Working Out at 71

Earlier in 2018 sevenfold Mr. Olympia Arnold Schwarzenegger met complications during a planned surgery. However, after the procedure he could return to his home rather fast to begin his rehabilitation.

In March of 2018 former Mr. Olympia was in the middle of a surgery where a catheter valve was going to be replacemed when complications occurredand escalated to the degree in which an open heart surgery had to be done.

Nevertheless, after the surgery the former gouvenor was quickly back on his feet and returned to his home to begin rehabilitation. In the following months he progressed fast in the right direction and could go back to his work again.

Being part of the Arnold Sports Festival globally as well as political invironmental issues travelling is on the schedule. In addition to getting back to old routines he also of course found his way back to the gym.


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