Asia Grand Prix 2018: Competitor lists

Asia Grand Prix

Asia Grand Prix (AGP) takes place this weekend (21-22) in Seoul, South Korea. The event is held at the Olympic Park.

Mr. Olympia just finished a week ago and a few of the additional athletes are now heading to compete in South Korea.

Jose Raymond aka “The Boston Mass” are one of those, and is prolonging his finishing season by competing at AGP.

Another athlete coming from the US is David Henry who won Mr. Olympia, in Men’s 202 in 2008. 

Furthermore, Shaun Clarida who also just competed at the Olympia and who won the New York Pro in May of this year is also in the lineup.

Commonly known by now, 7 time Mr. Olympia Flex Lewis will not compete since the Olympia was his last 212 show.

Additionally, many fans and experts would have wanted to see Flex competing at the show because the man who threatened his first place at last years AGP Hadi Choopan aka “The Persian Wolf” from Iran is returning. Additionally. Choopan is considered to be one of the favorites to win the show.

In the Classic Physique category at AGP Stan de Longeaux is one of the more known names competing, In the men’s physique category, the new Mr. Olympia for 2018 Brandon Hendrikson and 3rd place finisher Ryan Terry are in the lineups.

Lastly, in the pro bikini, the reigning Ms. Olympia Angelica Teixeira and former Ms. Olympia Ashley Kaltwasser are two of the top names.

The event is comprised of 212-bodybuilding, Classic Physique, Men’s Physique, and Pro Bikini.

Asia Grand Prix

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