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Our next guest is originally born in the state of Mississippi and raised in Texas but is currently living in Orlando, Florida. She Leigh helhas been involved in the world of fitness for many years and has been a featured model in some of the largest fitness magazines around the globe. She is also an entrepreneur who is passionate about writing, charity work and she does also run her own site, Shesique Magazine.

Thereby,  let’s welcome Leigh Hickombottom to Beyond the Stage for an interview.


RM: Leigh, would you like to tell us how you got into training and fitness?

LH: Sure I have always been athletic since childhood. My parents placed me in all sports to see which one I loved, which was track. Even in the early years of track part of the training and performance included the weight room. Once track was over in my life I stayed in the gym and spent more time there realizing this was my passion. I loved seeing the amazing results from my workouts and fell in love with the gym J

But by break into fitness happened once I moved here to Florida from Texas. I signed on as a spokes model for their fat burner product, was seen in ads and received covers and features as a result.

RM: In you were given one million dollars to put in a project outside of the training and health industry – what projects or businesses would you put it in?

LH: If I had a million dollars to put into any projects it would involve, disabled, sick or underprivileged kids. Helping them learn about the importance of health and belief and love in themselves. The other would be a green project to continue bettering this place we live and bringing awareness in regards to being green. Even if it’s a small step its forward movement for our future.

10534071_10152579425804824_4361696035649772621_nRM: Who has been the most influential person in your life and why?

LH: It has been a couple of people. First and foremost my Dad. He has always been my role model since child hood and always seemed to focus on the positive in every situation and smiled in all situations as well.

The other was my Mentor and a man I respected dearly, Bob Kennedy. The man was a great visionary and had a keen eye in noticing the art of the body. He is the key reason I am in the fitness industry. His ability to make me believe and the support and guidance he gave without sugar-coating.

RM: Leigh, which are favorite movies and why specificly them?

LH: There have been so many great movies I could not give you just a couple of titles. What I can tell you is that each of the movies had a common denominator to inspire greatness, Love, Belief in oneself, and overcoming the obstacles eventually leading to success in whatever that endeavor was.

RM: What does a normal day in Leigh’s life look like, from the time you get up until you go to bed?

LH: I wake up say a positive affirmation to start my day then eat and feed my girls. I head to the gym train for about an hour and a half then eat right after again. Depending on what’s scheduled throughout my day I write, have phone calls a lot of eati10309479_10152366604144824_6953664993778390432_nng in between. When the eve hits and my girls are out of school I horse play and we eat dinner and later on its time for some sweat dreams.

LH: RM: Who or whom are your favorite fitness athletes and why this or those persons in particular?

LH: Tight now it is two npc competitors. Alessandra santos and Breann Vanderzty. They are new to the scene and both have amazing physiques but more important they are beautiful on the inside. Very giving, willingness to learn and determination to reach their goals. Humble Florida beauties these to girls are

RM: It’s time for the final words – if you would like to thank anyone or add something feel free to do it

LH: just a quote: whatever goal, aspirations, dreams you choose to pursue, pursue from the heart first and you are bound to succeed ~LH

Thank you for taking the time to do this interview regarding your busy schedule. Rising Muscle wishes you and you family all the best in the forthcoming.

To reach Leigh:

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