Beyond the Stage with Pauline Nordin!

Beyond the stage with Nordin

Next up for an interview on Beyond the Stage is Swedish fitness sensation Pauline Nordin! Pauline was born 23 juli in 1982 Ystad, Sweden but decided early on in her fitness career to move to US and Los Angeles. She has been involved in the fitness culture for a long time and has a lot of experien952467955JPEG Beyond the Stage with Pauline Nordin!ce for various kind of fields within the industry. Among a lot of things Pauline is a entrepreneur, former IFBB  Figure Pro, fitness model, trainer and journalist. Pauline is also known from the TV show ‘Biggest Loser’ and is the woman behind the company ‘Fighter Diet’.

Country: USA
City: Los Angeles
Age: 34
Occupation: Business owner, president of Fighter Diet inc
Height:  5’2
Division: former IFBB pro figure
Years in training: almost 18

RM: Pauline, you left your native country of Sweden for Los Angeles decades ago. Would you like to tell us what the reasons behind that move were?

PN: The American mentality of dream big, work hard and prosper. In Sweden we go by the Jante law and people seem to have a problem with wanting to be successful. In America you’re encouraged to go for it, while in Sweden I felt I was constantly put down for my lofty goals. I was a ‘nobody’, I had nothing special, but I had a drive to make it.

RM: What would you say the biggest differences are between the Swedish fitness industry Vs. The American?

PN: The American industry is of course a lot bigger so the competition is tremendously greater. In California the gym culture is big and gyms are everywhere. The f11899485 641890375952716 606450609 n Beyond the Stage with Pauline Nordin!ood is cheaper and the climate is better.

RM: You live and breathe the fitness lifestyle 24/7 and it is also your great part of your identity. What do you think you would have been doing if you had chosen a different path in life totally excluded from fitness?

PN: Journalist. I was studying that in school until the day I saw a fitness magazine with a buff male model on the cover. From that moment I knew bodybuilding was

RM: If you could change anything in the fitness industry, what would that be?

PN: The use of AAS and unhealthy drugs. It’s so common it’s ridiculous. Nobody has time or desire to jusBeyond the Stage with Pauline Nordin!t have PATIENCE and work hard for a long, long time. The need for instant gratification does not go hand in hand with muscle building. It bothers me when I see newbies, particularly girls at the gym, who have not worked out and then 2 months later they’re unusually muscular and ripped.

I’ve always been natural and never felt a need to speed it up or risk irreversible side effects. Women who abuse steroids are not good for mainstream’s perception of muscular women. I’m not bashing those who choose to use drugs, I just feel it’s not necessary! To me, it’s a big difference between being a professional MALE athlete who needs to stay competitive in a sport which PAYS a lot of money. Bodybuilding is not one of them unless you’re in the top 3 of Mr Olympia. For women, the side effects are a whole light year tougher on our endocrine system compared to men who simply amplify their superior ability for muscle building by enhancing their testosterone levels. It’s a personal choice, yes, but for me, working out and eating right is a lifestyle which should boost health, not decrease it.

RM: Where in life is Pauline 10 years from now?

PN: Hopefully healthy and having a great influence in many people’s lives for the better.

RM: If you knew whdftyrtyer Beyond the Stage with Pauline Nordin!at you know today when you began lifting weights. What would you have done differently?

PN: Rest a little more.

RM: Any favorite quotes?

PN: Discipline your dedication!

RM: What’s on your wish list to Santa Clause this year?

PN: Speedy recovery for my boyfriend who fractured his arm really bad yesterday and a successful 2017 for my company!

RM:  Which three ‘get in shape exercises’ would you recommend to people who feel a bit chubby after all the consumed foods during Christmas and New Year’s Eve?

PN: deadlifts, squats and burpees.

RM: Pauline, we are almost done. If there is anything you want to mention please go ahead:

PN: Join one of my challenges!

RM: Thank you for participating Pauline. We wish you a Merry Christmas and also all the best in your future goals and projects.

Pauline’s 10 Rules For a Life:

1. Follow your heart.
2. Pursue what makes you smile.
3. Focus on your passion.
4. Live up to your own expectations, not others.
5. Remember you are not your mistakes but how you handle them.
6. Make compromises only for what’s worth compromising.
7. Always ask yourself ‘do I truly want this?’ and if you don’t then focus on it no more.
8. Keep focus on the long term reward, not instant gratification.
9. Surround yourself with people who motivate you and return the favor.
10. Live TODAY, not in the future. Keep focus on NOW and peripheral vision on the future. When you keep looking AHEAD you end up AHEAD.

Contact info:
IG: @Paulinenordin
SNAP: Pauline Nordin
FB: &
Email: [email protected]

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