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Mr. Olympia Results Day 1

Mr. Olympia Results

The first day Mr. Olympia and the additional pro shows have been completed. 2018 might go to the history as one of the more significant ones. Additionally, the reigning champion goes for his 8th consecutive title. If he succeeds he will be tied with Lee Haney and Ronnie Coleman. Another part that sticks …

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Flex Wheeler – I lost everything

Flex Wheeler

Flex Wheeler is arguably one of the more praised IFBB Pros in the bodybuilding world. In addition, he is a multiple pro show winner, but despite the success, life has been a roller coaster for the former champion.

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Phil Heath – ‘Gifted the Documentary

Phil Heath

Phil Heath’s bodybuilding record is one of the best in the history of IFBB Pro League. In the Gifted documentary, Heath gives insights into his childhood and sporting background and what eventually led him to bodybuilding.

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