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What You Need to Know About ALA

ALA (alpha lipoic acid) is a compound derived from octanoic acid and is naturally produced in our bodies. It is essential for aerobic metabolism and is available as a dietary supplement as an antioxidant, which help fight free radicals and is often used by bodybuilders and in weight training. It serves several …

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The Benefits of CLA

Conjugated Linoleic Acid  (CLA) is a well known and commonly used in the supplement industry. Some of the prime benefits that it cab increase the fat burning effect when it’s combination with cardiovascular activities. CLA has long been used as supplements among the elite in fitness during the low-calorie diet …

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  Author: Linda Ericsson The very foundation of muscle growth consists of at least five factors. Once you have gotten your priorities straight these are the ones you should keep an eye on. DNA First of all, congratulations are in order if you are blessed with genes directly programmed for …

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Are You a Suger Addict?

Author: Linda Ericson Although sugar addiction is a controversial topic since it is not yet clearly stated in scientific studies, it has without a doubt reached its peak these days.  We eat without structure, fall for cheap sales tricks and deal with frustrations through quick energy in the form of …

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The Principles of the Cheat day!

Author: Linda Ericson   “Cheat day” is a term used mainly in the world of bodybuilding and refers to that day when your diet mode is turned of and you more or less allow yourself to enjoy those foods you normally exclude. This is of course during a limited amount of …

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Increase Muscle Mass to Burn More Fat

Increase Muscle Mass to Burn More Fat Author: Josh Hodnik   I happened to be on the phone one night with former NPC heavyweight competitor Brandon Lowe while he was placing an order at a fast food restaurant. Brandon put me on hold while he placed his order. After hearing …

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