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Kevin Levrone is Out of the Vancouver Pro Show July 2017!



Kevin Levrone Withdraws from Vancouver pro!

“Dream until your dreams come true. I’ve been so very blessed to have a great career. Thanks to all of you who has supported my 14 year layoff / comeback. Next time you see me on stage you won’t be disappointed, my promised to fans and myself. FYI I will not be competing at Vancouver, but it will be this summer just haven’t decided what show yet. Making sure I’m 100% this time. SHAAABOOM”

– Levrone


The rumors about Kevin Levrone’s continuation of his comeback is true!

The Maryland Muscle Machine will attend the 2017 Vancouver Pro Show in July 2017.

Levrone’s plans for this year is to qualify for the 2017 Mr. Olympia. Levrone looks to be improved compared to his 2016 appearance, especially in the leg department. In the 2016 preparations Levrone had a lot of injuries to take into account while making his comeback at the Olympia stage.

The Marland Muscle Machine seems to have rehabilitated his recent injuries and has stepped up his game in the gym. Footage can be seen on his official Facebook or Instagram page.

An official press release was released by the organizers on Friday which you can read below:


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