Drinking alcohol and working out: Why its a terrible combination

Drinking alcohol and working out: Why its a terrible combination

Drinking alcohol and working out

There have been many discussions over the past two decades about alcohol and its effects on training. While it is clear that alcohol can negatively impact your gym results, it is also important to understand how alcohol affects your body. This discussion is made more complicated by the fact that many bodybuilders consume a lot of dry wine days before contests in order to completely dry out their bodies and eliminate all moisture from their skin.

First, alcohol is not good for your health. If you feel drunk or the side effects of alcohol, this is because your body has been intoxicated. We must understand that it is very different between having just 1-2 drinks and becoming completely drunk.

Your body becomes intoxicated when you drink heavily. This causes your brain to order your liver for a detox. Your metabolism is an important part of your body. However, the liver spends almost all its resources clearing out alcohol. This can cause your metabolism to drop and, if you’ve had too much alcohol, it may even become almost non-existent. Many people eat a burger, or other junk food when they are drunk to get their stomachs full. Because of your low metabolism, most of these calories are stored as fat. This is why drinking a lot can quickly cause you to gain lots of weight.

Alcohol can also cause your body to go into a catabolic mode, which will prevent you from seeing the results of your training program. Alcohol can increase estrogen levels, which is bad news for training. It can also lead to gyno. You may have seen men develop gyno from the use of steroids or genetic predisposition to it.

Overall, drinking a few drinks is fine. However, getting drunk is not the best way to keep fit.

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