Author: Linda Ericsson

The very foundation of muscle growth consists of at least five factors. Once you have gotten your priorities straight these are the ones you should keep an eye on.

First of all, congratulations are in order if you are blessed with genes directly programmed for successful bodybuilding. This advantage in combination with a generally healthy lifestyle will allow you to achieve noticeable results a lot faster than us other mortals.
This does not mean that it is a dead heat for the rest of us, though, since it has been shown that our genetic code is slightly moldable. This practically means that we, in some sense, have the power to change our DNA, even though we of course are talking about minimal transformations. However, it does not require ten or more generations to make changes in our genetic programming. Something as modest as one workout per week could actually initiate this process.

In order to maintain/increase strength and support our health in general hormonal balance is of high importance. To keep your values in order and eventually even increase your testosterone levels there are some strategies and supplements worth taking an extra glance at. In addition to a healthy diet (containing of vitamins and minerals, mainly zinc), one should focus on heavy weightlifting to trigger the testosterone production.
It is also crucial that we avoid stressful situations since these in the long run easily disrupts our hormonal balance.

Make sure you get enough sleep. No matter what research report you are reading the conclusion is always that something between six and nine hours is worth aiming for. This is of course depending on age, circumstances and life conditions.
If you have been more or less passive for a whole day you should not be surprised that only five hours seems sufficient, while a hard day of continuous activity is likely to generate a need of up to ten hours.
Sleep is necessary to repair and recover the body. Lack of sleep could in the worst case lead to an actual loss of the results we’ve so persistently been fighting for.

Newbie gains have become an established concept and it refers to the almost shocking development many see at the beginning of their gym career. More experienced lifters have on the other hand become acquainted with the phenomenon training plateau.
The body is adaptable and it is therefore important that you expose it to new challenges as these experiences are forcing your body into muscle building mode. This reaction appears most clearly at an initial stage of weightlifting simply because the body is completely unfamiliar with this type of activity.
As time passes you need to plan your workouts even smarter and harder not to let your body adapt to the tension. After all, adaptation means stagnation.

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