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Flex Wheeler – I lost everything

Flex Wheeler

Flex Wheeler is arguably one of the more praised IFBB Pros in the bodybuilding world. In addition, he is a multiple pro show winner, but despite the success, life has been a roller coaster for the former champion.

Flex Wheeler, 53 years of age is a living legend in bodybuilding circuits and has won many IFBB Pro Shows including Arnold Classic 4 times.

However, Flex has battled severe depression during phases of his life. Life wasn’t easy for him growing up. He has experienced abuse and insecurity.

Nontheless, somewhere along the way, he found kickboxing and later on bodybuilding which built his self-esteem.

Flex was one of the most prominent young IFBB Pros in the history of the sport, and who many believed he would be Mr. Olympia one day,

However, sometime during the 90’s Wheeler got involved in a car crash where he got hospitalized for a longer period. After months of rehabilitation, Flex did succeed to make a comeback to the bodybuilding stages and succeeded to take the second place at the Olympia in -8 and -99 after Ronnie Coleman

Flex has also suffered other injuries such as kidney problems which eventually led to removing one and begin dialysis.

Despite the harder periods in life, Flex has overcome them to a large degree, by working through them. Today he lives with his own family and can look back on his accomplishments throughout his career.

In addition, Flex was rewarded a lifetime achievement award by the IFBB Pro League this year.

In the following video, Flex elaborates more on his life journey.

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