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Our next athlete in the Global profile series is one of Europe’s most prominent  bodybuilders of today. After a sport injury he decided to switch sport activity, to instead become a fulltime bodybuilder. He has gone very far already in his Nico profcareer as an amateur, and the next career step is to become an IFBB Pro.
So let’s welcome Nicolas Vuilloud to Rising Muscle.
Country: Switzerland
City: Nyon
Age: 25
Weight: 230 lbs / 105 kg
 5´4 inch / 165 cm
Occupation: Personal trainer
Contest background: 
2012: IFBB junior Swiss champion
2013: IFBB junior Swiss champion and Arnold Classic Europe junior finalist
2014: IFBB Swiss overall champion, Arnold Classic Europe junior finalist
2015: Mr. Olympia Amateur Spain Champion men -85kg 
RM: Nicolas, do you remember your first gym workout, and why you later on got hooked into bodybuilding?
NV: I nev12507077_10153192540641933_722656935_ner wanted to do bodybuilding. I was going to the gym just for fun. And actually I went to the gym because of a serious injury I had when I was playing soccer. I met by chance a few people who gave me the opportunity to do competitions. And then I met my coach, Patrick Tuor. He gave me the motivation and the passion that I have today. It’s thanks to him if I do bodybuilding. And I think I found exactly my stability.
RM: What does bodybuilding mean to you?
NV: Bodybuilding is like a school. You learn to respect people, you learn to listen to people and you learn how your body works.  All that discipline brings a different mentality. This sport changes your mind, and I think it helps me to be a better person every day… I’m trying 🙂
RM: What are your favorite things to do besides training?
NV: I love everything which is linked to that sport. It’s something global. I love to prepare and cook my meals. This sport learns you to appreciate simple things. But I try to stay in touch with my friends, to see my family because I need it for my mental stability.
RM: How would you describe your training style?12498845_10153192539836933_463235843_n
NV: My workouts are the way I am. I don’t care if I’m tired, I don’t have limits. I use a lot  the SST system elaborated by my coach. It’s very intense and it’s based on different type of contractions. I don’t like the basic sets, i’m always trying to push the limits with the intensity.

RM: When are you planning to compete again?

NV: I’m supposed to do the Arnold Classic in Ohio in March this year.
RM: Where do you see yourself in 10 years from now?
NV:  Well, it’s pretty hard to say, because I do one step after one. My dream is to get my pro card. I believe in what I do and in my coach. So, in ten years, my wish would be to be on stage next to the best pro’s, and why not on the Olympia stage. It seems pretentious, but I think it’s important to have high goals, otherwise I will stay forever at the same level.
10945034_10152567165996933_5199927275393361861_nRM: Ok Nicolas, it is time for the wrap up. If there is anyone you want to thank or something you want add, please feel free to do so.
NV: Well, thanks for the interview and the opportunity. I’m flattered. I wish the best guys with your website. See you soon maybe.  And I also want to thank my coach Patrick Tuor for all the work he helped me with.
RM: Thanks for participating in this Q & A Nicolas. We wish you all the best in your future endouvers.
Contact info:
Fb fanpage: Nicolas Vullioud ” Quadzila ”
IG: nicolasvullioud

Photo credits:
Featured and last shot: Peter Zumkeller


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