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The athlete  we are going to meet on Global Profiles this time did his first bodybuilding competition 9 years ago. He continued to compete until 2010 when he had stop because schaub hel
he got diagnosed with cancer. He did however fight through the decease and returned to the stage two years later! In his comeback he won both the light heavyweight class and the overall at the Tennessee state show in 2012.

In addition, its time to welcome Chris Schaub for a Q&A on Rising Muscle.

NPC Competitor Chris Schaub

Country: US
State: TN
City: Murfreesboro
Occupation: Field Service Technician
Height: 5’8” / 173 cm
Weight off: 190 lbs / 86 kg on: 234 lbs / 106 kg

Contest background:

2006 Knox Classic: 1st place middle weight novice/overall novice winner
2006 TN state show: 1st place Juniors middle weight
2007 Jackson Mississippi Southern Classic: 2nd place middle weight open
2008 Knox Classic: 1st  place light heavy/overall winner
2008 TN State Show: 1st open weight
2009 TN State show: 1st middle weight
2010-2011 took off due to cancer
2012 TN State show 1st light heavy/overall winner
2013 Junior Nationals 12th Light Heavy
2013 North Americans 4th place Light Heavy (redemption show)
2014 Nationals no clue my placement was fourth call out.  We had 50 guys in our class.  Biggest show I’ve ever been in.

RM: Chris, please taIMG_8843ke us back to where it all started, what made you decide to buy a gym membership, and later on also become a competitive bodybuilder?

CS: I have always loved working out and wanted to be big because I was a skinny kid.  My Uncle was a bodybuilder and I wanted to be like him.  When I was 19 I won a month membership to a local Golds gym. This was the first time being in a real gym.  I was hooked immediately.  I was shocked how all the big guys wanted to help me and show me the ropes. 

RM: What are the first things you do in the morning when you wake up?

CS:  I usually like to start my morning listening to some type of personal growth (John C Maxwell ect.) As that is playing I’ll browse facebook and Instagram real quick and then proceed to make my first meal.

RM: What does your training schedule look like?

CS: I’m currently training every day of the week and hitting all body parts twice during the week and taking Sundays as my arm day.

RM: If you knew what you know today about bodybuilding, what advices would give yourself when you began training?

CS: I would tell myself to find a coach that truly knows nutrition and cares about you and your health. This is something I just found this past year.

RM: Chris, please name three goals you have in the future of your life. They can also be outside of bodybuilding:

CS: Of course goal number one is to be debt free.  Goal number 2 would be to have more free time to spend with my family and time to pursue my passions.  Goal number 3 would be to become a top national competitor.

RM: Do you have any muscle groups that you are prioritizing at the momen4db4365664ce7801ee30ecd88505aa2a_400x400t, and if so, how are you working to improve them?

CS: I’m currently working on that X-frame wide shoulders, big back, small waist big quads.  My coach Matt Porter has laid out a specific training program to target this. This is where training each muscle group twice in a week is really paying off.

Ok Chris, it’s time to wrap up this interview, if there is anything you might want to add or someone you might want to thank, please feel free to do so!

I’d like to thank my fiancé Loni Pfeil for all her support and help and for always being by my side and believing in me and all the meals she helps prepare for me.  I’d like to thank my coach Matt Porter for all his knowledge and always willing to help and make me better and always caring about his athletes.

Chris, thank you for taking the time and making this interview with RM. We hope to see more of you in the future. Additionally, best of luck in the contests ahead of you!


To reach Chris:

Facebook:  Chris Schaub
Instagram:  chrisschaub2

Photo credits: Muscle Papa John


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