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Next in line for an interview is Eric Kivelevitz, who is an NPC competitor in the middle-weight division. Eric started with competitive bodybuilding in 2008, and the reasons behind him taking the e1steps to compete were actually related to his move to Israel back in 2002. After a couple of years working-out in a Tel Aviv gym his training buddies finally convinced him to step on stage. Eric went for it and made his debut in 2008, and in the following year he won the overall Mr. Israel 2009. Later on in 2011, Eric competed in his first USA national level shows the NPC USA and IFBB N. Americans achieving 6th and 5th place. he decided to move back to the USA in 2012 and last competed in 2014 at the IFBB N Americans placing 4th, he is now focused and training hard aiming to win his weight class at the IFFB North Americans this year.

Country: US
State: California
City: Los Angeles
Occupation: Account Manager for a specialty design firm
Height: 5 5” / 165 cm
Weight on / off: 185 – 200 lbs lbs  /84 / 90 kg

RM: would you like to tell us about your first experience with weight?

EK: When I was 14, I found some dumbbells with plates my neighbors threw out and took them home and began to do curls and dumbbell presses with them. They were vinyl plates with concrete inside so I couldn’t really do much with them since there was no place to add more weights.

2014prepRM: What does your weekly training schedule look like?

EK: Off season I train 2 days and take one day off in between, one or two body parts each session, on season I train 3-5 days in a row depending how I feel.

RM: If you look back at the time when you began training – what would you have done differently with the knowledge that you have today?

EK: Definitely to Squat and Dead lift and eat correctly!! I owe IFFB Pro Amit Sapir big-time for that. I met him in Israel back in 04 and he is certainly the sole reason I took competing this far, he invested a lot of time making sure I perform those exercises with proper technique. Amit calling me a fat-ass no doubt motivated me to stick to a menu.

RM: How far are you reaching in your bodybuilding career?

EK: I am making slow and study progress for 7 years, each year getting bigger and more conditio2011preUSAned for each show, reached top five in USA National level shows with the aim to win my weight class this year and hopefully a pro card down the line.

RM: What kind of interests do you have besides training?

EK: Besides the training/food prep which takes so much time of course, my regular job and writing menus for folks, I like to keep up with the world in the news and arts including being connected to Social Media sharing my advice with the fitness newbie/beginner community.

RM: Where in life is Eric in 10 years from now?

EK: I would like to own a business where I could put my creativity to use along with my business development skills and of course still in the gym training intense.

RM: Ok Eric, time for the round up, if there is anyone you want to thank or something you want to add – please do so:

EK: Of course, I want to thank God for keeping me healthy and injury free in this tough sport! I want to thank my sponsor Iron Mag Labs in particular Rob and Gena DiMaggio for their stellar support and providing me with the great supplements I use every day.

RM: Eric, thank you for taking the time and for this Q&A with rising Muscle. We wish you the best of luck in the future of your career as a competitive bodybuilder, and that you will reach your goals.

Contact Eric:

Facebook:  eric.kivelevitz
IG: Effi_Eric

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