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ryan stockon

Rising Muscle’s next athlete is a student and a very promising and determined bodybuilder from Texas.  He is on a mission to devel140719B-5007op his genetic potential to its fullest and thereby trying to become the best bodybuilder he can be. A side from studying he is a personal trainer and does also works in supplement sales.

Let’s welcome Ryan Stockton for an interview.

Age: 23
Country: USA
City: San Marcos Tx ‘currently where I live and go to school at TXsate. Hometown McAllen TX
Occupation: Fitness/Nutrition Coach / GNC sales and college student
Height: 5″8 ft / 172.5 cm
Weight: 210/215 ~ 100 kg and my offseason is 250/260  ~ 114 kg

Contest background:

2011 NPC Golds Gym Classic. 1st teen, 1st open lightweight, 1st novice lightweight, novice overall champion

2014 NPC Collegiate Nationals, 4th place collegiate light heavyweight class

**currently preparing for 2015 junior nationals June 13th, 2015, should be a heavyweight this year and much improved,

RM: Could you please give use some insight on the area and environment you grew in and how it interacted with your journey in bodybuilding?

My name is Ryan Taylor Stockton. I was born in McAllen Tx on Nov 4, 1991. Growing up playing sports was a major part of my life. From playing Tee-ball to football and always staying active outside. I first started lifting weights at twelve years old in the hope to get bigger and stronger for or high football, I was immediately hooked to the iron. Football became more serious when I got into high school as I progressed to one of the top ranked players in the state of Texas and in the nation for total tackles at my nose guard position.

My sophomore year in high school while in offseason getting bigger and stronger for the upcoming fall football season I decided to enter a local bench press competition. From there it was history and I went on to setting world records in the teenage raw bench press 1924367_935734813125219_2444825316526833187_nas well as seven Texas and 4 national raw total records at the age of 16. My notoriety in powerlifting helped me in my pursuit of obtaining a college scholarship to play football at the next level. After high school I went on to play NCAA football for the Division 3 powerhouse “UMHB” The University of Mary –Hardin-Baylor, and finished my freshman season  with a school history record of 12-1 and making it to the semifinals in winning our conference.

During my freshman season, I suffered an injury to my shoulder which took a toll on my football career, as well as weight training. It was during my rehabilitation that I discovered how much I had missed lifting weights and it was time to move on from football. I transferred schools and decided to enter a  local bodybuilding show at 19 in which I won my teenage class as well as lightweight open, novice overall and teen overall. It was an experience like no other, as bodybuilding was always something I wanted to pursue- but I couldn’t with my previous football commitments.

After my first teenage show, I took a 3-year break from the stage and decided to focus my energy on changing the lives of others as a personal trainer. I’ve always enjoyed helping others reach their goals and the knowledge and experiences I’ve acquired along the way has been priceless. I recently in the past year “2014” decided to focus more on bodybuilding and step on stage again which I did at the 2014 NPC Collegiate at nationals placing forth in the light heavyweight collegiate class. I’m currently going to school, coaching clients online as well as getting ready for the 2015 season in which I look forward to continuing to progress.

RM: What training methods have been prosperous to you and illustrate your philosophy as to why they have.10922616_955308177834549_4301935318392875025_n

I am a big believer in training hard and heavy to develop a solid foundation especially if your young. Now being a little older I’m not really lifting extreme poundage’s anymore but taking a more focused approach. I do a lot of high volume and tension technique lifting, one method of training I follow is Mountain dog training by John Meadows.I have been following that approach all this offseason and have noticed huge improvements in my physique.

RM: When was your last competition? where there any barriers you faced leading up to the show? How did you place and what were your thought of your ranking?

My last show was the 2014 PC Collegiate Nationals. It definitely was a task to get ready for as it was only my second show from having taken a 3-year break, so the nerves were at an all time high. I ended up placing 4th in my light heavyweight class, in terms of my competition I think as a competitive athlete we always feel were better than our opponent , but in this sport you have to pay your dues and just keep going forward which I am. I’m a true believer in the reason I body build is for myself, trying to improve and bring a better version of my physique each and every day beating the last. So the truth is I don’t care whose next to me, as long as I became better then I’ve already won, the rest is just outside noise.

RM: Can you contribute some mistakes you’ve made during prep to up and coming bodybuilders? In addition to how you overcame them?

The biggest mistake I can outline is time manpic 14agement and over thinking. In bodybuilding time, management is crucial especially during a prep. Make sure to be prepared each and every day and it will save you troublesome headaches in the future and that goes for life not just the sport of bodybuilding. Don’t over think things.. just execute and follow through with the next task hour by hour day by day till its showtime.

RM: How has becoming a bodybuilder impacted your life?

It’s been a great journey of self-discovery so far and the most exciting factor is that it’s just beginning. I’m a big believer in faith and dedication and I know that each of us has a special purpose on this earth, I’m just trying to do my best to pursue a dream of mine with God leading the way.

RM: What can we expect to see in you in the fitness industry.

You can expect to see me progress and continue to work relentlessly each and every year. Like I said before I’m just trying to be the best Ryan Stockton I can be every day. Thank you for taking the time to interview me, God bless,

Ok Ryan, time for the wrap up, if there is anything you want to add or someone you want to thank, please feel free to do so:

want to first thank God for giving me the ability to wake up each and everyday and pursue my goals and dreams. I most definitely want to thank my mother and father for all there support they”ve given and continue to give , my father has sacrificed so much for me to be in the spot I am today. My brothers and sisters for there love and support along with friends . I have to also thank Pj Braun and Aaron Singerman for helping me and my bodybuilding career with there two wonderful companies blackstone labs and prime nutrition , I’m extremely blessed to be apart of there team and look forward to many future endeavors with them. I’m just very thankful and blessed to be striving each and everyday toward my goal of self improvement as well as being a competitive athlete.

Thank you for making this interview with us Ryan. We hope to see more from you on the bodybuilding stages in that you continue to go after your dreams and goals!

Best Wishes / Team Rising Muscle.


Contact Stockton:

Instagram @stocktonpower 



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