Our next athlete has been involved in the fitness industry for many years. She has both competed in the figure division and is also workingas a freelance writer for various fitness  tiff1magazines and as a fitness model. Besides work she is also married and is a mother of three kids.
So let’s Welcome Tiffany Gaston for an interview on Global Profile & Rising Muscle.

Country: US
State: Arizona
City: Scottsdale
Age: 36
Occupation: freelance writer, fitness model, wife and mom of 3 rad kiddos
Height: 5’6
Division: Figure

RM: Tiffany, were you involved in any other sports before you decided to be a figure competitor?

TG: Yes!  I was a gymnast for many years as a young girl.  I discovered a love of running in middle school and ran track and cross-country all the way through my junior year of high school.

RM: Being a mother of three, isn’t it hard to get everything to get together, both as a competitive figure competitor and a model?

TG: Hell yeah it is!  I take one day and one step at a time whether I’m preparing for a figure competition or anything else.  My husband and children are my priority, t10302745_921641707866260_5108817054157607426_n-2though they always support me.  Making time for myself is something that keeps the entire family in alignment and happy.  If mama isn’t happy, no one will be, that is a given, lol.

RM: What would you say if any of your children wanted to be a bodybuilder or a figure competitor?

 TG: I’m not sure any of them will go that route, though I do have very athletic children,   I support whatever their goals are as long as they good people.  I will always back my children 110%.  Unconditional love will always prevail!

RM: Tiffany, please name three goals you have in the future both inside and outside of the fitness lifestyle:

TG: Guiding others to a path of health and wellness is always a major passion of mine.  In addition, I am currently joining forces with a local charity I feel passionate about.  They help place foster children in homes and we have nearly a half million foster children in this country alone.  Arizona has quite an epidemic in this area and I feel such compassion for anything in support of children.  Continuing to write and share my creative side will always be high on the list as well.

RM: Do you have any favorite supplements that you are using?

TG: I love my StrongGirl supps, an all-new line for women by women available exclusively at GNC and!

RM: What does your weekly training schedule look like?10446668_537068026429284_2452110640764258488_n

TG: I currently do a 5-day split, old-school bodybuilding style routine.  I do 2 leg days, an anterior and posterior and typically do 3-5 days of cardio depending on where my physique is at and what my goals are.  I love a mix of short HIIT cardio days and a few steady state thrown in since I still love to run. Basically, I do enough cardio to enjoy my wine and still maintain abs 😉

RM: Ok Tiffany, we are almost finished with this Q & A, please feel free to add anything if you like to:

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Thank you for making this interview with us on Rising Muscle. We wish you and your family all the best in the future, and keep up work great work in the fitness industry!

To reach Tiffany:

Twitter: @tiffanylgaston
FB: Tiffany Lee Gaston


Photo credits

First and last picture: Paul Buceta
Middle picture: James Patrick Photography



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