How High Will the Wolf Howl in Columbus?

Dennis Wolf 2012

Author: Anders JP Eskilsson

Dennis Wolf makes a comeback at this year’s Arnold Classic in Columbus, Ohio. It will be the first time he compete since he suffered a serious gym related neck injury two years ago.

The 39 year old Dennis aka “The Big Bad Wolf” entered the global bodybuilding industry in a sensational fashion after winning the IFBB World Championship plus the overall back in 2015 and made the additional pro debut in 2016.

Like many German giants before him: Günter Schlierkamp, Markus Ruhl, his current trainer Dennis James, Wolf brought an astonishing amount of size to the stages, but he had something else as well…an incredible X-framed physique, comprised of a small mid-section, a freaky and wide let-spread, a massive most muscular and a spectacular quad sweep. Additionally, a unique combination which led to many pro show wins during the last decade as well as taking the title at Arnold Classic 2014.

However, in 2016 Wolf’s career met an abrupt stop when he suffered an injury to his neck which needed surgery and also months of rehabilitation. Luckily the rehab went fine and close to a year ago The German slowly but surely started to plan for his comeback. Something which also meant  that Wolf went back to his old ways of training that once made him so successful.

When it comes to Wolf’s anticipated comeback this weekend in Columbus Ohio, there are a few question marks to consider. To begin with Dennis is not a kid any longer, and the 7 weeks out pictures as well as more recent shots on social media haven’t convinced anyone that a success is granted.  Wolf looks tight; the separations are there but what about volume? – Not even close to his best showing of the past.

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However, but there are a few things that speaks in favor for Wolf. To begin with, we haven’t seen the whole package yet. Then add crazy genetics, muscle memory and the muscle maturity, plus the fact that bodybuilders who take longer periods gets real time to recuperate from injuries plus the possibility to unloose saturated androgen receptors. In other words. there’s still room for success.

Before Dennis injury he also succeeded to bring up the lower back to his already exceptional back lat-spread.  And let’s not forget that Wolf was a freakin Mr. Olympia top contender along with Shawn Rhoden and Big Ramy.Dennis Wolf 2010 1 How High Will the Wolf Howl in Columbus?Conclusively, I don’t believe that fans should not worry too much, because a lot can happen in 6 weeks especially if your name is Dennis Wolf.

Instead, I think many people might be in for a surprise when the Wolf enters the stage and starts to Howl in Columbus Ohio this weekend.

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