IFBB Pros Antoine Vaillant & Mike Johnson Shoulder Workout Highlights!

picture at the gym

Filmed @ Gym Victory, Longueuil, 3690 chemin chambly, 450-332-1494

It feels good to train with my buddy Mike Johnson, who is going back to his native land of nova scotia this month. Training was:

Cable rotator cuff warm ups
Machine side raise pyramid to a drop set past failure
Smith machine high rows for rear delts
Seated side lateral, pyramid up to heavy and forced reps,
supersetted with bent over laterals, lighter weight to failure
Front hammer laterals superset the alternate form to the double form
Shrugs, we do 2 good sets, then we do an upset.. 120 for 8, 140 for 8 then 160 for 8… no rest in between.

enjoy the pumps its all 4-5 sets per exercise.

In courtesy of: Antoine Vaillant

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