Interview: Bikini Competitor Ashley York!

Bikini Competitor Ashley York!

Our next stop in Rising Muscle’s interview series takes us to Dallas, Texas! We are here to meet up with bikini competitor Ashley York!fghjdgjf-1

When it comes to women with great genetics and potential for pro bikini, Ashley York is defiantly one of them. However, she has been away from the competitive stages for a while, in addition to her absence, Rising Muscle wanted to know what has been up to these days, and see why she hasn’t been competing for a while. If Ashley puts her mind to it, We believe she has the ability to go all the way to the top when it comes to compete bikini.

Country: USA 
State: Texas
City:  Dallas
Occupation: Hair dresser / Personal trainer
Age: 32
Division: Bikini
Height: 5’8 / 172.5 cm

RM: Ashley, you been away from the competitive bikini scene for a while, would you like to tell us what you have been up to?

AY: I have been away from the competitive bikini scene  for almost two years now. In my off time i am still training and doing more fitness modeling as well as building my health and fitness business with Isagenix which consists of me helping others (men and women) loose weight, build muscle and just get healtxcfhgfsdhhier.

RM: From your perspective, what makes a great bikini competitor?

AY: I believe the characteristics that make a great bikini competitor are a woman who wants to become the best version of herself.  also someone who is really leading a healthy lifestyle all year round vs someone who just gets ready for a show and then rebounds. the best to me is the girl that has the total package.. the overall look, the walk, symmetry  and just has fun with it!  Its cool also if they use it to inspire others.

RM: What are your future goals, plans and dreams?

AY: Continuing to pursue my health and fitness business and help others get healthier and reach their goals.

RM: What does your weekly training schedule look like?thenewmejourney_photography2

AY: Monday and Thursday i train with my trainer pretty hard for a solid hour. The days away from him, i do spin, barre class, HIIT, and train myself in the gym.  i aim for 5 days of training, but its awesome if i can do 6.

RM: Are you planning to hit the stages again?

AY: Of course i am:) 2017

RM: Ashley which exercises would you recommend for women who wants to become bikini athletes, and why them in particular?

AY: In bikini symmetry and proportion are everything… so I believe in full body training , but the main exercises I focus on are Squats, abs, shoulders. When the top 5 are called out and it’s a close call the judges really zone in on the glutes , the tie in…. shoulder caps abs obviously the leanness and lines in your abdominal section.

RM: Any more advises for women who want to compete in bikini?

AY: I would say go for it, have a blast in the process… look for a great nutritionist, posing is so important so model after someone who u like their style. n most importantly balance and symmetry , staying lean.. and NOT getting crazy muscular!!! focus on those glutes!!!


RM: Who do you admire physique wise when it comes to the Bikini Pros of today – and why them/her in specificaly?

AY: Andreia Braizer. I have actually met her and had the opportunity to share the stage with her when I turned pro in Las Vegas! She’s such a sweetheart and I admire how she stays in impeccable shape year around!

RM: Ok Ashley, time for the round-up, if there is anyone you would like to thank or something you want to mention, please go ahead!

AY: Always thank to God for my health and ability to achieve ALL THAT i have, my friends and family because without their support none of it would be possible!

RM: Thank you for taking the time to answer the questions Ashley. We are looking forward to see you compete in 2017! It’s a bit early, however, we want to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New year!


RM: If someone wants to connect with you, where can you be found?

Email: [email protected]
FB: Ashley York
IG: ashleyyorkfitness
Snap: ashleyyorkfit

Photo credits: featured & 3rd (TNMJ) 

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