Interview: Classic Bodybuilding competitor Simon Bergfors

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Our next athlete to interview is actually Rising Muscle’s first ‘Classic Bodybuilding’ competitor, and his name is Simon Bergfors from Sweden.

Originally he is competing in the division Classic Bodybuilding which is very similar to the new Classic Physique division in US. In addition, he has already made an huge impact by winning the overall junior 2015 IFBB World title in Classic Bodybuilding. Simon is also open for the idea of competing in the original bodybuilding division, and will make his decision either this year or 2017, when he’s planning to step on stage again.

So let’s not wait anylonger, let us instead welcome Simon Bergfors for an interview!

Division: Classic Physique/Classic Bodybuilding
Country: Sweden
City: Hässleholm
Age: 23
Height: 175 cm / 5’8 ft
Weight: off season 95 kg / 210 lbs / on 76.5 kg / 168 lbs

Contest background: 2015 Jr Classic Bodybuilding Swedish Nationals 1st – Overall IFBB 2015 Jr Classic Bodybuilding World Champion 1st – Bodybuilding Luciapokalen 3rd  2013- Bodybuilding Decembercupen 4th Luciapokalen 3rd.


RM: Simon, do you remember you first encounter with bodybuilding and what that was like?

SB: Of course, it was back in the beginning of 2013. I was talking to a friend at the gym, and he mentioned that he thought that I should compete – with the physique I have and the conditioning I was in. 8 months later I was at my first competition, and I thought it was a mess backstage but the time on stage was totally worth it and I was hooked to the sport.

RM: What were the reasons to why you choose to compete in classic bodybuilding/classic physique? Additionally, when are you planning to compete again?

SB: I only had one reason, and that was to be able to win the World Championships in El Salvador. I knew that if I competed in bodybuilding I would probably be the guy who weight the least as my weight was 76.5kg/161656140_10205240199148317_6037399020391272127_n8 lbs on the scale in at worlds. I am currently planning a season in 2017 to compete again, if it’s in the spring or at the Nationals I don’t know at this point, I’ll either compete in Classic Bodybuilding again or Bodybuilding.

RM: What does an ordinary day in Simon’s life look like?

SB: A ordinary day in my life looks the following, I eat a lot of food that’s basically the main thing. I also study to become a pre-school teacher, I workout and hangout with friends.

RM: How would you describe your training style?

SB: I train after the ‘Mtut method’, Muscletime under tension, I used that a lot on my legs the past year, also for my chest. Other than that I do the regular stuff, reps ranging from 8 all the way up to 20 and so on.

RM: What are your favorite things to do aside from bodybuilding?

SB: I’m really into movies. There is nothing better than to start a movie, and chill just relaxing, as I workout a lot, I also work and study quite much so a movie to relax is the best stuff.

RM: Who are your favorite IFBB Pro’s throughout history, and why them in particular?

SB: Jay Cutler without a doubt. I just like everything about the guy, he is humble, had an amazing physique. He are in my eyes the perfect bodybuilder.

12805736_10208851534829452_7781245502231168986_nRM: Ok Simon, time to finish up this Q&A, if you have anything you want to add, or someone you want to thank, please go ahead!

I would like to thank 2 guys who helped me a lot over the past year/years and their names are Markus Rinse and my coach Ola Lagerqvist. Dont have more to add than that, more than If you see me anywhere come and say hello!

RM: Simon, thank you for taking the time to make this interview. A quick look at your physique and and early acomplishments, it’s not hard to predict that you have great chances to go very far in both bodybuilding and classic/classic physique. We wish you all the best in your competetive career and your studies.


Contact info:
IG: Simonbergfors
FB: Simon Bergfors Vokoun
Email: [email protected]

Photo credits:

Featured & Second: Erik Eriksson Bringing Awesome Back
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