Interview: Classic Physique Competitor Cody Drobot!

Physique Competitor Cody Drobot

Next in line for an interview is actually the first Classic Physique competitor we have had on Rising Muscle. The athlete is Cody Drobot from Canada who already has made an impact in the bodybuilding community due to his impressive aesthetic physique. Cody has been competing successfully for the two years and is aiming to earn the elusive pro card. In addition, it would not come as a huge surprise if he actually will go down in the history books as one of great pioneers of Classic Physique.image4ps

Country: Canada
City: Edmonton
Occupation: Healthy Lifestyle/Fat loss Coach
Age: 23
Height: 5’7
Weight: Contest 172  Regular 190
Division: Classic Physique/Bodybuilding

Contest history:


  • Junior Mr. Alberta
  • 1st place Southern Alberta Men’s Middleweight
  • Southern Alberta Overall Winner
  • 2nd place Provincial Men’s Middleweight


  • 3rd place Junior Canadian Nationals


  • Classic Physique Division A Winner
  • Mr. Classic Alberta Winner

image3RM: Cody, when and where did your interest for bodybuilding begin?

CD: I was always very active in competitive sports growing up, when I was 14 I started to train in my small town gym located in Irma, Alberta. After a while of weight training I became obsessed with it! I played baseball all my life and long story short I found myself more concerned with my training and nutrition regime than I was about baseball. In 2014 I knew bodybuilding was in my heart and it was time to make the switch!

RM: What does an ordinary day in Cody’s life look like?

CD: I’m very fortunate to be able to work from home now, before I started taking clients for healthy lifestyle coaching I worked in the oilfield so I was away from home a lot. Now I am able to train twice a day if need be! Usually I’m up bright and early for cardio simply because it’s a great start to my day! Usually after I have 3-4 meals consumed, I head back to the gym for weight training.

RM: Do you train in a specific way since you are a Classic Physique/Bodybuilding competitor compared to for an example to an NPC or IFBB bodybuilder?

CD: For myself, I’ve always strived for a certain look. Although it was my dream to become a professional bodybuilder, if the physique I wanted didn’t earn me a pro card in open bodybuilding, I was okay with it! So I’m very fortunate that this new division was created.

RM: What does your weekly training schedule look like?image5

CD: My training is pretty basic for the most part. I like to switch things up and throw in high volume weeks. Legs are slightly lacking on my physique in my opinion so I train legs twice a week as well.

RM: Who are your favorite bodybuilders throughout history and why them in particular?

CD: That’s a tough one! There are so many legends that paved the way for the sport of bodybuilding. I’ve always been a huge fan of Frank Zane and his beautiful aesthetics! Closer to modern bodybuilding my Favourite bodybuilder has always been Lee Priest, I think his physique is next to none.

RM: What are your future goals as classic bodybuilder, and when will we see you on stage again?

CD: As of now my current goal is to obtain my pro card and compete in the IFBB. I’m currently dialling into Canadian Nationals taking place July 23rd. I’m doing everything I can to bring my best to the stage so let the chips fall where they may!

Edit: Cody took 2nd place Canadian Nationals.

RM: Lastly, what does bodybuilding mean to you?

CD: Bodybuilding to me is Art. We spend countless hours and work so hard sculpting our physiques as well as getting ready to display our physiques for everyone to see. Now with this new division of classic physique I hope we start to see more artistic posing that we used to see from guys such as Lee Labrada, THAT was art.

RM: Ok, time for the wrap up. If there is anything you want to add or anyone you want to thank please go ahead:

CD: I honestly have the best support system around, the list of people I could thank is so long but I’d like to thank my Girlfriend Nicole Volk for being by my side through this journey, she’s been so supportive of my bodybuilding career, from prepping food for me to early morning cardio sessions she’s there for it all! I’d also like to thank my best friend who also happens to be my Coach Dustin Cosman. Dustin has been there since day 1 of my bodybuilding career and has always believed in me and pushed me to be the best version of myself. I’ve learned so much from him over the years that I can’t thank him enough. Here’s to many great years to come! Thank you for your time guys!


image1RM: Cody, it will be very interesting to follow your career ahead of you and thank you Cody for the interesting answers – and best of luck in the future!


Contact info:
IG: @cdrobot
Email: [email protected]
FB: Cody Drobot


Photo credits:
David Ford



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