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At the IFBB Nordic Pro in October of 2014, a debut was made in the Bikini Pro division. It was a debut that really impressed a lot of fans of the sport as well as the judges of the contest. The girl we are about to meet is a Finnish phenom and a force to recognize in the future of the IFBB Pro Bikini circuit.

Let’s welcome Sara Back for an interview with Rising Muscle.Sara-Back-jpg

IFBB Bikini Pro: Sara Back
Age: 25
Height: 172cm / 5.6 ft
City: Vaasa
Occupation: Physiotherapist, masseur, Personal Trainer and a Bikini Coach


RM: Sara, the first RM wants to congratulate you on your third-place debut in the Nordic Pro Bikini – Talk about a debut!

Sara Back: Thank you! Yes, I´m very pleased with my pro debut and it was a good start in my pro career, but I also know that I can do even better. I am a very passionate and goal-oriented athlete and always go for the win!

RM: Would you like to tell us what made you want to compete in the bikini division?

Sara Back: I have been into sports sinc10312372_364354457065166_2015083456010135872_ne I was 6 years old. To name just a few sports: soccer, sprint, long jump, dance, and hockey. I have always been a very committed and competitive person so becoming an athlete was a matter of course. When I got older I had to choose a sport. I knew that I needed to focus 100% on one sport if I want to become the best. At first, I choose soccer. I was actually a good soccer player and got to play in the Finnish A league, but in 2007 I injured my knee and never really could play at my full potential after that.

I tried to get back but the motivation and self-confidence were not there anymore so I quit. I started to lift weights and tried to become stronger and more muscular. I became very interested in nutrition and wanted to know everything about weight training and the right nutrition. After a couple of years, I felt something was missing. I missed competing! I have always had a dream to become successful and I was not ready to give up that dream. In the summer of 2012 I decided to start my journey toward my first competition. I did my very first bikini competition in August 2013 and I won the Finnish Championships that year.

RM: Thats a classic story and common for many athletes who transition from other sports into bodybuilding and fitness. When are you planning to compete again?10678650_352194631614482_3686165308067223710_n

Sara Back:  I wish to compete in the Bikini International at the beginning of March in Ohio, but I need to get an invitation for that show. My goal has always been to compete against the best bikini girls in the world in the biggest bikini contests like Bikini International and Olympia.

Next year I’m going to focus 100% to get good placings and do everything I can to reach my full potential.

RM: Im quite sure that you will get your invitations related to your excellent debut.

What are your passions besides training?

Sara Back: I love my job as a bikini coach and a personal trainer. Me, my twin sister and brother (we are actually triplets) have recently started our own company, Trifinity Training. My sister Camilla Back is also a bikini athlete and my brother Robert Back competes in Classic Bodybuilding. A real fitness family! We have our own fitness team; Team Trifinity, where we are coaching about 15 athletes on their journey towards their first competition in 2015.

10419565_371828942984384_8329927060442251698_nIf I don´t train or am at work I like to spend time with my family and friends. I also love to travel and eat good food! I like cooking and always try to make my diet fo
od delicious even though it´s very simple food like rise and chicken. But with good spices and the right way of cooking I usually manage. So yes, diet food can be delicious!


RM: What advice would you give to women being interested in competing in bikini?

Sara Back: First of all you have to give your body enough time to grow and make the progress needed. You want to build up a strong and athletic physique before you enter the stage and that can take many years (depending on your background).

Don´t compete just because fitness is a popular sport or just because your friends do it. This sport is not for everybody and the passion for training and nutrition has to be genuine. The decision to compete comes from inside and you have to be ready to sacrifice a lot of time, food, and in some cases even friends.

But if you are ready to do all that, be dedicated, motivated, and ready to give 100% to make this change. Do it! This was the best choice I have ever done! I´m very thankful for what this sport has given me and I love every minute of this lifestyle.

RM: If you were placed on a desert Island to live for the rest of your life. Additionally, you had to pick 2 IFBB Athletes to live side by side with which ones would you choose and why?335826403

Sara Back: For me, the answer is very simple. I would pick my sister Camilla Back and my brother Robert Back to live by my side. I actually think we would have a great time there!! Haha!

RM: It is time for the roundup if there is anyone you would like to thank or something you might want to add, please feel free to do so:

I want to thank my family for all the support during my career thus far. They have always been there for me and given me motivation. A big thank you also to the IFFB Finland and K.P Ourama who has given me the opportunity to live my dream. Last but definitely not least I want to thank my sponsors Scitec Nutrition for providing me with the best supplements to help me reach my goals, Better Bodies for my awesome gym outfits, and Selina Allure for my competition suits!

Thank you!

Thank you for the interview, it will be exciting to follow your career as well as your siblings. Best of luck to all of you and I hope that you will get an invitation soon so they can see you battling it out on the stages in the US in the close future.

To reach Sara Back: [email protected]





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