Interview: IFBB Classic Physique Pro – Robert ‘Rojo’ Johnson!

IFBB R. Johnson


Next one out in Rising Muscle’s interview series is IFBB Pro Classic Physique Competitor Robert “Rojo” Johnson.rj1

During this year Robert has succeeded to compete at the highest pro level in his division and has also won a few pro shows. This is quite remarkable since Robert is 55 and many of his fellow competitors are half his age.

In addition to Robert’s successful career, Rising Muscle wanted to talk to him about his training background and what he got in the works for the future.

So let’s welcome Robert Johnson for a brand new interview!

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Robert Johnson 

Country: USA
State: CA
Age: 55
Height: 5’ 11.5
Weight on: off:

RM: Contest history: 

RJ: My Contest journey with some years missing that has escaped my memory ( Getting Old ) lol.. 1984 2nd Mr Colorado, 1985 1st Mr Rocky Mountain , 1987 1st Bayou City Classic, 1988 3rd Mr Texas, 1989 2nd Border States, 1989 1st Excalibur, 1990 1st Redondo Beach , 1991 1st Orange County Muscle Classic, 1992 4th Jr USA , 1993 1st Golds Gym Classic ,, 1994-99 my mind is blank , 2000 4th Border States . 2001-2003 Frustration set in because I just couldn’t get the size to keep competing as HW Bodybuilder ,, 2004 I competed in the 3 Max Muscle Natural shows where I was finishing 1st to easily, so I went back to the NPC stage 2004 , 1st in World Gym Classic. Got married walked away from the Stage again..Return 2013 1st San Diego , 1st master Pacific USA , 2nd open Pacific USA, 2nd master Mr California 2014 1st master Mr California, 2015 4th Ultimate Warrior ( competed with dislocated rib. My training suffered) 2016 turned Pro in Pittsburgh master winning overall in 40 and 50 classic, 2016 placed 2nd in my Pro Debut in San Antonio, 2016 placed 5th in San Diego .. Earned points towards my 2017 Olympia chase.

fghjRM: Robert, would you like to tell us a bit about your background and how you later on got involved in bodybuilding?

RJ: I was born and raised in Texas, where I attended the University of Texas, Arlington majoring in physical education. San Diego has been my home for the past 27 years. I have been involved in health and fitness for 32 years, working with athletes and others of all ages in sports and non-sports injury rehabilitation and health and fitness. I’m certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM).

I got involved in bodybuilding after an injury discontinued my dreams as a NFL player. Some of my buddies convinced me to try out the world of bodybuilding after seeing my body change during injury rehab. I placed second in my first show (Mr. Colorado)  1 month later I won the Mr. Rocky Mountain. 33 years later I’m still competing

RM: For how many years have you been training and how would you describe your training style?946181_772062886233502_8990711190989980292_n

RJ: I’ve been competing for 33 years. My style is 4 exercises per body part, I believe in lifting heavy enough to get 8 to 12 reps off season training and 10 to 15 reps getting ready shows.

RM: What made you want to become a Classic Physique competitor?

RJ: Even though I felt that I had successful Bodybuilding career, I knew that my safe way of going about getting size that I would never be big enough to be a true heavy weight competitor.

RM: What does an ordinary day in Robert’s life look like?

RJ: I’m Fit Life Coach, my days are all about put smiles on my clients faces. Becoming their GPS to a Fit/Healthy/Wellness lifestyle. I work for UCSD in the Fit Life Occupational Dept and I Own my own training business

I have a GREAT partner , my Lady Sandy Suhre, she is part of my driving force that keeps me focus during and away from the gym. She is with me every step of the way ..I’m a lucky guy

RM: What advices would you give to guys who want to compete in Classic Physique?

RJ: I would tell them to continue training 2196613with the same intensity as they have. Work on their stage presence. To always make the audience feel like you are telling a story during their posing routine. To perfect their classic poses and stay away from the hardcore posing and music.

For if this person never competed before, I would say lets take a look at your symmetry. Train to create balance and not just size. Find someone to help you with your posing.

RM: What are your future goals in Classic Physique?


RM: Ok Robert, time for the round up, if there is anyone you want to thank or something you want to mention please go ahead:

RJ: I thank God for giving my health to do what I love so much and that the IFBB keep Classic Physique for what it was introduced for. Please don’t turn this into another bodybuilding class. Keep it for People like me , who’s not ever going to get much bigger. With all respect to the GIANTS of bodybuilding …

RM: Robert, thank you very much for the inspiring answers. We wish you all the best for the future and that you’ll succeed to step on the Classic Physique Olympia stage in a year from now!


Contact info

Instagram: @fit2pla619_ifbbpro

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Last pic NNO in courtesy of J.m. Manion
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