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At an age of only 19, our next athlete has already accomplished career goals many NPC competitors twice her age still are dreaming of. She’s12592672 originally from Brazil and won her IFBB Pro card in the figure division last year. In addition, she’s very passionate and knowledable about bodybuilding and fitness, and lives the lifestyle to the fullest.

So let’s not wait, let us instead instead welcome the Brazilian sensation Natália Coelho for an interview on Rising Muscle!

Country: USA
City: Orlando, Florida
Occupation: Student & Personal trainer
Age: 19 years old
Height: 5’3 / 160 cm
Contest background: 

2013 – NPC Southeastern USA – 1st place
2014 – NPC Mid Florida- 1st place
2014  – NPC Jax Physique – 3rd Place
2014 – NPC Orlando Europa Games- 1st Place
2014 – NPC Southeastern USA- 1st place Teens and 4th place Open
2014 – NPC All South Championships- 1st place (Became Nationally Qualified)
2015 – IFBB North Americans Championships- 5th place
2015 – IFBB Miami Nationals- 1st place (PRO card!!)

RM: Natália, take us back to the time when you began working out – and later on decided to compete in Figure:

NC: I went through a lot of tough times when I moved from Brazil to USA. I had to leave my father, friends, school, and everything else behind to come here work hard to achieve my adreams. I started training to compete when I was 15 years, did my first competition at the age 17 years, and turned PRO last year( 19 years old). Since then I haven’t stopped competing, and don’t plan to.

After having studied a lot about bodybuilding, read and watched many bodybuilders, old school, training techniques, and nutrition videos, I decided to start competing. I knew it was all about a strong mindset, so I invested as much time working on my mindset as the time that I spent training and prepping my meals. Bodybuilding has taught me many lessons, and I am a 100% sure that it changed my life in any possible way. It taught me patience, self-respect, self-confidence, the importance of being prepared, adaptation, discipline and determination, and that I’m the ONLY one who can change my future, the results I get are consequences of the work that I put it.

I’m currently at college, working, and trPROaining, sometimes it feels overwhelming to do so many things at the same time, but my huge passion for this lifestyle drives me. I  live this lifestyle 100%. I don’t want half of the results, so I give nothing but my 100% in everything I do.

RM: You recently became an IFBB Figure Pro, what was that feeling like when you woke up the morning after?

NC: Well… I was smiling from ear to ear for at least 2 weeks straight. Nobody knows how hard I worked for that, how many things I abdicated, how many obstacles I overcame to achieve this dream. It was just amazing, the most emotional feeling I’ve ever felt!

RM: What does a day in Natalia’s life look like; from the time you get up and later on go to bed?

NC: Well, most people think because “I’m a young girl” I don’t have responsibilities, or have an easy life, but in reality age is just a number and doesn’t determine the maturity and responsibility of a person.  I usually wake up at 4am, do my cardio, go to work 5:30am until 1pm then go to College, and basically have class all day long. After leaving college, I go home get my pre workout meal in, and go train late at night. After training, I go home, study, take one online class, and prep my meals for the next day.

2RM: When are you planning to make your pro debut?

NC:  I’ve been talking to my coach, Chris Eaddy, and deciding a few things. But we have great plans for this year.

RM: Since you are Brazilian I must ask you: how good is your samba from a scale of 1-10?

NC: Ah, I LOVE samba! 10 for sure.

RM: That’s awesome, now you have to show us your moves in a future video!

RM: Ok, time for the round up. If there is anything you want to add or someone you want to thank please feel free to do so

NC: Just want to thank my Mother, the most supportive person in my life, my sponsors, my team, and my friends for all the support they’ve been giving me.

RM: Mutio obrigado pela entervista Natália, and it will be interesting to follow the career you have ahead of you! Best of luck with your studying and pro debut!

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Contact info:

IG: @IFBBFigureNatalia
Email: [email protected]
Facebook: Natália Coelho
Facebook fanpage Natália Coelho

Photo credits:
First picture: John Hawley
Comparison & Black and White: Dan Ray
Last picture: John Hawley


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