Interview: IFBB Pro Jose “The Boston Mass” Raymond!

the boston mass

Jose “The Boston Mass” Raymond is the youngest of eight syblings and was born December 29th, 1974 in Boston, Massachusetts. In his younger years before Raymond turned to the sport12645076_1147630768580430_6516628371779966538_n of bodybuilding he tried out different sports  like football, soccer and wrestling to baseball, basketball and track.

The beginning of Jose’s bodybuilding career began when he was 18 Years old. It was during this period his brother Tito Raymond convinced his younger brother to compete with him in the New England Bodybuilding Championships.  This was of course an exiting moment; standing  in front of what seemed like a few thousand people. Jose was succesful in his debut and took the first place in the teenage division – and he has been hooked to bodybuilding ever since. After competing successfully as an amateur he finally turned pro in 2009, and he has won multiple of 212 pro shows, plus that he took second place at 2015 Europa Phoenix open division.

Raymond is ranked by many as the first contender to win the 212 Mr Olympia title, and his plan is of course to be handed the Sandow in a close future!



RM: Jose Raymond, what does bodybuilding mean to you?

JR: Bodybuilding has been a huge part of my life for over 25 years, it has given me balance and stability when I needed it most. I’ve also seen places in the world I never could’ve imagined.

RM: Where do you see bodybuilding developing 10 years ahead?

JR: In 10 years bodybuilding will continue to progress, athletes will continue to push the boundaries of what is humanly possible. Only time will tell whether this is a good thing or s bad thing!

RM: Are you planning to compete in the men’s open category again?

JR: Yes I plan to do another open show, it just has to be the right time &  fit for me!1374255_454453678002021_70513126_n

RM:  If you could give three advices to people who aim to become competitive bodybuilders, what would those be?

JR: My advice would be to be patient, Rome wasn’t built in a day & neither is a great physique! Start from t
he bottom & progress competitively in stages (locally, regionally, nationally) Last, be true to yourself & set realistic goals, if you’re 5’1 & 140lbs you most likely aren’t giving Phil Heath a run a The Olympia so shoot for something within your reach!

RM: Where in life is Jose Raymond 10 years from now?

JR: In 10 years I hope to be running my own fitness facility & enjoying life with my wife & children.

12645153_1147630785247095_8039522173424723837_n (1)RM: Who has been the most influential person in your life?

JR: My brother Tito, he’s five years older. He got me into bodybuilding & kept me out of trouble whenever he could. I did everything with him growing up & always wanted to be like him. He’s always been a great role model, training partner, brother & best friend!

RM: When will we see you compete again?

JR: My next contest is the 2016 Arnold Classic.

RM: Thank you for making this interview Jose Raymond although your schedule is busy at the moment. We wish you all the best with your future goals and especially in defending your Arnold Classic title in a few weeks which!

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