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Our next IFBB Pro bikini guest is more than impressive. She is both a wife and a mom of two kids. Additionally – with just a few years of training she succeeded to become an IFBB Pro. Furthermore, during 2014 she NA1also qualified for the Ms. Bikini Olympia. Now she has her plans set for 2015 and hopes to make a even greater impact in the bikini division.

Let’s welcome IFBB BKINI PRO Nicole Ankney

Age: 36
Country: USA
Occupation: Health Insurance Claims Manager, Fitness Instructor and Contest/Prep Coach
Height: 5’5” / 167 cm

RM: Nicole, could you please tell us about your first experience with weight training?

NA: I was 34 years old and On January 1, 2013 one of my new years resolutions was to build overall strength and muscle with weight training. Unfamiliar with the weight room I went online to and downloaded the “Jamie Eason 12 week program. I felt a great sense of accomplishment when completed the program. I loved not only the aesthetics improvements of my physical appearance, but my overall strength. In September 2013, I decided to take it to the next level by setting a goal to compete in the NPC as a bikini competitor.  Within a year I earned my procard, won my 2nd pro show, which qualified me to compete in the 2015 Olympia.

RM three quick q10799593_10202153790840899_115296331_nuestions:

Q: When do you prefer to train early or late?

A: I prefer to train early. Training early is a great kick start to my day and keeps me on track with my diet.

Q: Horror movies or comedy?

A: Comedy. I love to laugh!

Q: MMA or Boxing?

A: Boxing. A few years ago I attended a boxing gym in Sacramento and learned the fundamentals of boxing and fell in love with the sport. I occasionally hit the speed bag and heavy bag for a great upper body cardio workout.

RM:  Which hobbies or activities do you prefer to do outside fitness & weight training?

NA: I prefer to spend time with my children, so whatever activities they like to do such as miniature golf or going to the movies.

RM: Would you like to tell us about how an ordinary day in your Nicole’s life looks like from the time you get up until you go to bed?

NA: Oh wow! Well, I wake up at 5 am and hit the gym for my training. I’m home by 7am cook breakfast for my children, get them ready for school and drop them off by 8:15. I work out of my home, so I answer all client calls and emails until about 2pm. If I’m on prep and close to a show will hit the gym again before picking up my children at 3:30pm from school. After I pick up my children I’m in full mommy mode! My children participate in a sports activity so I’m always running to a practice or a game. Afterwards it’s family dinner, clean up and bedtime. Bedtime for me is around 11pm.10799400_10202153802241184_1435723531_n (1)

RM: If you could change anything about the Pro bikini division – what would that be?

NA: I wouldn’t change a thing. I love this sport and everything about it!

RM: When will we see you on stage again?

NA: I’m applying for the Arnold Classic and set my sights on competing there in March 2015.

Final words; if you want to add something or thank someone please do so:

I would like to thank my family, friends and team mates who have been with me on this wonderful journey. I would also like to thank my coach, Jeremy Buendia for bringing me in with my package at the Sacramento Pro where I won 1st place in both Open and Masters and qualified for the 2015 Olympia.  I would also like to thank my suit sponsors Jagware for making me amazing on stage!”

Thank you!!!1466125_10200270086669472_215817727_n

Thank you for the inspiring story. I’m quite sure that you gained many fans after they read your background, We are looking forward seeing you compete in 2015 – best of luck Nicole.

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