Interview: IFBB Women’s Physique Pro Minna Pajulahti!

IFBB women physique


IFBB Women’s Physique Pro: Minna Pajulahti

Country: Finland
City: Nokia
Age: 34
Occupation: Flight attendant, pro elite team coach
Height: 5’4 / 162 cm
Division: Women’s physique


Contest background: 11

MP: I have competed 15 years in fitness, however, I’ve transitioned to women’s physique division a few years ago. I do also compete in powerlifting. And I’m a Finnish champion in 3 different sports, cheerleading, fitness and powerlifting.

RM: Minna, do you remember the first time you stepped inside a gym, and what that experience was like?

MP: I don’t remember it. I did gymnastics and we trained sometimes at the gym too. But when I decided to compete in fitness, it totally opened up a new world for me, and after that I started to spend more and more time at the gym.

RM: What does bodybuilding or women’s physique mean to you?

MP: It meansimage dedication. I really appreciate bodybuilders, I think that is the ‘IT thing’. In the women’s physique division (WPD) it’s great that women can train hard and develop their physiques.  WPD is a combination of hard work and feminine look.

RM: When are you planning to compete again?

MP: I just decided to do Karina Nascimento classic and then I’ll do Arnold Classic. Next goal is in april.
(Placed 6th)

RM: If you knew what you know about training today what would you have done differently when you started?

MP: Many things but at the same time I think that some things you just need to learn by heart. I can also use my experience good and bad when I coach my athletes. Probably over training, which is something that I have always done and that I would have changed as a beginner.

RM: I know that you are a flight attendant, how does that work when you’re a professional athlete?11391096_10153275509118971_5213805297149093113_n

MP: Quite okay. I have been flying for over 10 years now. I can see different countries and train all over the world. Off course prepping for a show would be easier if I would stay on ground.

RM: How far do you want to go as a women’s physique competitor?

MP: As far as I can. Now my goal is to see my potential and what I need to do with my physique to be better. You can always be better, so this is a never-ending journey.

Hopefully I do well, I’m trying my best.

RM: Ok Minna, it is time to wrap up this interview, if there is anything you want to add, please feel free to do so:

MP: I want to say big thank you to all my friends and fans. This prep has reallyimage (1) meant a lot to me, cause after my injury I thought I wouldn’t be competing anymore. Your support, all the messages, likes, nice words keep me going!

‘Set goal and go there!’

RM: Thank you for the answers Minna, best of luck with the goals you have ahead of you, and keep on successfully representing Finland and Scandinavia in the IFBB!

Contact info:

IG: @minnapajulahti
Facebook: Minna Pajulahti IFBB Fitness pro




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