Interview: IFBB Women’s Physique Pro Valerie Garcia-Giovanoli

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Next up for an interview is an athlete who has been involved in various kinds of sports basically all her life. However, in college an interest towards IFBB/NPC figure sta11rted to grow on her.  Eventually she ecided compete herself and became a sucessfull figure competitor and earned her pro status, but decided to make a switch to the IFBB Pro women’s physique division in the end. 

After been living a couple of years in Mexico and being involved in a gym business together with her husband John Romano, they are making plans to move back to back home to the US again.

Additionally, Rising Muscle wanted to hear what her plans for the future are, and what her perceptions about competing looks like in general.

So, let’s welcome IFBB Figure Physique Pro: Valerie Garcia-Giovanoli for an interview!

Country: US & Mexico
 Lexington, SC & Guadalajara, Mexico
lawyer & personal trainer
Height:  5’5”
IFBB Pro Women’s Physique


RM: Valerie, would you li1455952_10101817869836197_361888518_nke to tell us a bit about your background, and what later on made you want to become a Figure competitor?

VGG: I’ve played sports all my life. In college, I fell in love with the look of figure athletes and decided to start training like a bodybuilder. I never had the courage or support to compete until I met my husband, John Romano.  He believed in me enough to convince me that I could compete at a high level. In 2013, I competed in two figure shows in Mexico while living there.  Then in 2014, we decided to switch to Physique where I competed in two NPC shows, the second of which was NPC Nationals where I won my pro card. In 2015, I competed in two Pro shows and landed in the winners’ circle both times (3rd and 4th), which wasn’t too bad for my rookie year as a pro!

RM: What is Valerie looking forward to the most this up-coming summer?

VGG: I just recently passed the South Carolina Bar exam and received my license to practice, so my biggest goal with summer approaching is actually getting a job!

RM: Huge congratulations Valerie, and best of luck in finding your dream job!

RM: What is the best thing vs. the worst about competing?

VGG: The best thing is travelling and meeting people.  The worst… do I have to even say it? DIETING.

RM: Which are the three things in your life that is most important to you?

VGG: Family (friends included), Happiness, & Health

RM: When will we see you hit the stages again?

VGG: Good question 😉10671269_10102707655418757_8802269193381885781_n

RM: Valerie, you and John Romano have decided to the US after living in Mexico for x years. What are the main reasons to moving back home?

VGG: We are kind of in a weird situation. John hasn’t moved back but he comes to spend time with me when he can. John still has a business in Mexico. I brought our son, Max, back to go to high school in the states because he wasn’t receiving the education he needed there. Mexican schooling standards fall below those of the US unfortunately. Since I didn’t have a place to return in Florida, (where we lived before moving to Mexico January 2013) I came to South Carolina, my hometown, where we could stay with my mother. I also really missed my family and friends here. John and I haven’t decided where we will live after Max graduates. John prefers Mexico but I love my hometown. I guess we’ll cross that bridge in 2+ years! I lived in Mexico for 3 years and John is still living there.

RM: Any advises to women who want to become figure/Women’s Physique pros in the future?

VGG:  Train hard and find an honest coach to help guide you.  Also, competing is not cheap.  So, if you can’t pay your rent, don’t compete. There are much more important things in life to take care of than a glittery suit and clear heels.

1385837_10101817874127597_1213913184_nRM: Ok, time for the round-up, if there is anything you want to add, or someone you want to thank, don’t hesitate to give a shout out:

VGG: Endless praise and thanks to my Coach, #1 fan, and loving husband, John Romano.  I could never accomplish any of what I have without his support and guidance.

Also, I thank my Mom for her endless support and unconditional love. She really is a blessing to me.

Finally, my best friend in the whole world, Christy Medlin.  She’s a fellow competitor and has always helped get me through plenty of cardio sessions and diets. The motivation she gives me is invaluable.

RM: Thank you Valerie for your participation, we wish you all the best with your job search and your competitive career plus have a great summer!

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Second & Third: John Romano
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