Interview: NPC Bikini Competitor Carrie GoForth!

NPC bikini girl

Athlete: Carrie GoForth (Wojciechowski)featured Interview: NPC Bikini Competitor Carrie GoForth!

Country: USA
City:  Louisville
Age: 34yo
Division: Bikini bodybuilding NPC/IFBB
Height: 5’5″-5’6″
Weight: 110-125 (prep season vs off season)


Biceps: 12-14″
Waist: 24″
Hips: 34″
Glutes: 36″

RM: Carrie, please tell us a bit about your background, and what later on made you want to compete in bikini:

CG: I come from a mixed race family. My Mother’s family immigrated from Warsaw, Poland and my father is American Indian. I love my heritage and am very proud of my culture, although it hasn’t always been convenient to be different. I have been an athlete all my life. I come from a gymnastics and track background. My father was a sprinter and a light-heavy boxer. It’s in the genes ?.

I joined a competitive cheer team and competed all over the country in highschool. I later cheered for the University of Louisville (go CARDS) and won Nationals Back-to-Back.

After graduating from collegimage3 Interview: NPC Bikini Competitor Carrie GoForth!e and having been at the top of the game, earning 5National Titles between Allstars Cheer, highschool, and collegiate, I needed something to fill my time.

I began competing in the National Physique Committee, in the Bikini Body Building division because it best suited my body type and goals at the time.

RM: What does your training schedule look like?

CG: I train everyday, I rarely take a rest day. I let my body dictate my need for off. Days from lifting and cardio. I do not believe in overtaxing the body with significant amounts of cardio. I try to Stay lean year round so as not to Ads significant body fat during my off-seasons. This is for several reasons-

  • I am obligated to eat healthy and make good Carb choices based on my history of Glomerulonephritis And Diabetes Mellitus; 2) I do not need to make significant muscle gains during off season and therefore do it need a massive influx

Of calories for growth, but rather maintenance; 3) I believe in the true meaning of a healthy lifestyle not simply looking the part, although looking the part is a definite motivator. My lifting schedule varies depending on my goals and time during the season, but I cycle from a near full body lifting daily schedule with special emphasis on certain muscle Groups to Individual muscle Group training. I adequately nourish and hydrate my body and take the Vitamins, Minerals and supplements (amino acids, Organ supports, Etc) to be able to train to This capacity without significant rebound. In fact, I use my quick 10-15min fasted cardio as a rise and shine feel good to get my day started.

RM: What are you most proud of in life?

CG: I have accomplished many things as far as

Career and sports but I’m most proud of my title as mommy to My two Small boys (Pax age 7/ Paiku age 5). I push them for greatness but at the end of the day they understand that failure is a part of life and we must pick ourselves up,

Dust ourselves off and either push harder or work smarter.

I want to use my position as a Nurse Practitioner, Fitness model, Mom, and Athlete as a platform to educate clients/ patients/ and the generaimage2 1 Interview: NPC Bikini Competitor Carrie GoForth!l population regarding the pursuit of a healthy lifestyle, focusing on the whole body. By sharing my life’s difficulties and accomplishments, I feel that others will be empowered to move toward change.

Everyone is faced with challenges; these range from the mundane daily struggle to extreme life altering struggles. I do not feel that I am unique in my difficulties, but the truth exists that each day when I wake it’s a struggle; I take a fist full of medication to begin my day. I have glomerulonephritis and my insulin is failing. I was born with a congenital cardiac defect that causes an arrhythmia… sometimes just getting out of bed to be a mom is a struggle.

I do not dwell on these things because I cannot change them. Eight weeks after ACL reconstruction, I stepped on the national stage and competed in body building because I was determined to not let injury hold me back.

I am a champion and it is important for me to demonstrate commitment, motivation, perseverance, and drive despite obstacles to my two small children and others around me…these are the qualities of a LEADER.

RM: What kind of music do you listen to in the gym – any tips?

CG: Motivation and focus are very important to me. When I get to the gym I mean business. I listen to gangster rap and hip hop especially during cardio. I often start my session with some motivation hype my strength coach got me started on. It is an app that can be downloaded called Peptalk. It’s very soothing and focusing but at the same time gets me in the zone and hyped… similar to how I feel Watching Rocky Balboa fight Ivan Drago ?…

RM: What are you favorite things to when outside the gym training?

CG: I enjoy cuddling with my kids… we have so little Down time… it feels so awesome to just relax at night. My children are into MMA and I enjoy this To relieve stress and get a good sweat. My hobbies aside from body building include Sand/indoor VB, MMA/kickboxing , and hip hop and Zumba dimage1 Interview: NPC Bikini Competitor Carrie GoForth!ance Classes.

I love to cook healthy exchange gourmet meals and have dinner parties. My very best friend and I often sit and watch romantic comedies and horror films and drink wine from our local wineries.

RM: When will we see you compete again?

CG: Whether I compete again or not I will always be into fitness and promotion of a healthy lifestyle.

After winning the Indiana State Title in 2014 and my class in the Indiana Natural I continued placing in the top 5 at large regional shows… And decided to take my package to Nationals. I competed in Junior USAs in 2015 and received first call outs, placing 7th. I continued to augment my body type to the desired look trending on stage and planned to compete in the drug tested Team Universe in Jersey a few weeks later… However, as I like to stay active and support my children’s MMA lifestyle, I obliterated my ACL kickboxing the week before my show.

Just 6-8weeks after ACL reconstruction I made my return to the stage to compete at the IFBB north Americans, placing 6th in the [then] largest show on record. I have competed multiple National levels shows since that time and received first calls and continue to place well.

I have been successful at the national level with first call outs in multiple shows out of 50+ women, just missing my Primage10 Interview: NPC Bikini Competitor Carrie GoForth!o Card on multiple occasions. I am awaiting the 2017 season to compete at the masters level (age 35+). I plan to compete in Masters Nationals in 2017 in Pittsburgh, aiming for my ProCard once again.

Bodybuilding has tremendously furthered my modeling career and promoted furthering my knowledge as a provider regarding advanced nutrition techniques, hormone therapy, and medical Aesthetics.

RM: Ok, time for the round up, if there is anything you want to add or someone you want to thank please go ahead!

I am currently practicing as an Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner:

-Family Nurse Practitioner
-Board certified orthopedics and sports med -With ImPact certification (neurocognitive testing) for sports related concision.
-Osteoporosis Nurse Educator
-Certified in Botox fillers and advanced injectables
-Certified in osteoporosis education and treatment with Forteo.

In addition to my studies, I am now opening a private Nurse Practitioner wellness clinic, known as, “The Bone and Body Wellness Center, LLC”

In closing I want to thank Gary Udit; my nutrition and fitness coach, Dustin Moore owner of Platinum Built Training; my friend and suit maker Wendy Edick owner of Body Highlights; my confidant, friend, And photographer, Kevin Talley with Kevin Talley Photography; my best friend, posing Instructor and HR manager, Shea Boss; And of course my favorite team at Buckeye Pro/Am Posing who are so supportive and encouraging. Without this huge network guiding me I wouldn’t be where I am today and able to Accomplish what I have and continue to achieve.

Our supporters and fans are our life- they give encouragement and motivation to continue despite set backs and in opposition to the criticism, Hate, And body shaming often encountered.


[email protected]

FB: Carrie Goforth
IG: CarrieMissGainz
Snap: Carriego68

Xoxo ?

-Carrie Goforth APRN, FNP-BC,ONC,ONE

Photo credits:

1&4 – James Talley
3&4 – Drop Dead Fit


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