Mr. Olympia Results & Prize Money 2018 (Open Bodybuilding)

Shawn Rhoden

The Olympia weekend has come to an end, and the world of bodybuilding got a new champion – Shawn Rhoden

Shawn Rhoden aka “Flexatron” 43 years of age was not considered as the fan favorite to dethrone 7 time Sandow holder Phil Heath. at this year’s Olympia.

Nonetheless, to many spectators surprise all of the above changed when 43-year-old Rhoden stepped on stage during the prejudging.

Phil Heath still packs more mass and is stronger in the back shots compared to Flexatron. However, the 43-year-old presented a more balanced physique with a better flow, plus a tighter midsection with excellent abs.

In addition, Flexatron’s double biceps and the abs and thighs shots were too hard to beat Heath.

One of the major problems for Heath is that he still can’t control his stomach plus that it doesn’t have the optimal symmetry.

In the end, Rhoden’s strong points led him to become the 14th Mr. Olympia in the history of bodybuilding.

Whether Phil Heath will make a run for the Sandow in 2019 is yet to be known.

Mr. Olympia 2018 Results & Prize Money

  1. Shawn Rhoden, $400,000
  2. Phil Heath, $150,000
  3. Roelly Winklaar, $100,000 (Winner of “People’s Champion Award” 2018)
  4. William Bonac, $55,000
  5. Brandon Curry, $45,000
  6. Big Ramy / Mamdouh Elssbiay
  7. Dexter Jackson
  8. Nathan De Asha
  9. Cedric McMillan
  10. Steve Kuclo

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