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15-Year-Old Bodybuilder Shocks the World

Tristyn Lee, born in California, is defiantly an out of the ordinary 15-year-old. In a contemporary world where gaming activities in front of the computer is more common than ever before Tristyn rather spend his hours in the gym improving his physique and inspire fans from all over the globe.

Kid Lee has already competes in bodybuilding and  got over ten thousand followers on his instgram- In one of his posts he writes: “Working on some vacuums after this mornings back and tricep workout! A lot of people have been asking why I do vacuums… vacuums work transverse abdominals and prevent stomach distension when on stage or competing… they also tighten up the skin and any extra weight around the midsection… also a huge part of training is your cardiovascular system and breathing so when you perform vacuums you strengthen the ability to control your breathing” says Trysten to his fans.


Judging from Lee’s  photos it’s a quite remarkable little guy or rather a quite big 15-year-old kid – it seems like he takes his training very serious and aims to go for the Classic physique type of lok in the utureof hiscompetetive career


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