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Breaking News: Arnold Schwarzenegger Undergoes Heart Surgery

On Thursday the 29th of March Arnold Schwarzenegger was reported to have undergone an open heart surgery.

According to several news sources 7x Mr. Olympia and former Gouverneur of California Arnold Schwarzenegger met complications during a surgery.

Hollywood news magazine TMZ reported that the situation was caused by complications during a (catheter valve replacement). The surgery was somewhat experimental and it developed complications. However, Schwarzenegger’s condition should be stable at this time.

During 1997 Arnold underwent a different heart surgery where the aortic valve was replaced. In addition, the doctors didn’t feel the procedure was urgently needed, but Arnold decided to make the procedure while he was still young.

Rising Muscle will notify more updates on the story as it progresses.

Arnold’s rep Daniel Ketchell elaborates on the situation:

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