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Chris Bumstead Will Only Do One Show in 2018

It the end of January, the 22-year-old Canadian IFBB Classic Physique superstar Chris Bumstead confirmed that he will only do one show this year, namely the Mr. Olympia.

At last years run for the title Bumstead was one of the most anticipated athletes in the whole Olympia. In addition, the Canadian was not far away from winning the title, but in the end from an close decision it stood clear that the trophy went to California with Breon Ansley (US).

Bumstead now has 9 months to get ready for Vegas.  In addition; with only one focus for the rest of the year. plus being a top contender, the Classic Physique lineup has the potential to even prevail last year’s quality battle among the top contestants.

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One show this year. One goal. ☝? @Jed_North

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