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Interview: IFBB Classic Physique Pro: Terrence Ruffin!

Our next profile to feature on Rising Muscle is the 22 year old Terrence Ruffin from Florida! With just 4 years of serious training, Ruffin has alreafrontdy won titles in the pro-division and has proven that he poses a threat to anyone who aims to win the illusive Classic Physique Sandow at Mr. Olympia. A title which he aims to claim in a close future!

Country: USA
 Fort Walton Beach, FL
Air Force, Avionics 
 IFBB Pro Classic Physique
Years in training:
Weight on / off

2014 Contest-144lbs Off season-185 2014-2015 Contest -155lbs Off season- 176lbs 2016 Contest 157-162lbs Off season -170lbs

Contest history:jhkghkg

-2013 NPC PANHANDLE SHOWDOWN 2nd teen class 5th light wieght open(last)
-2014 NPC PANHANDLE SHOWDOWN 1st Novice Lightweight
Overall BB Novice Winner NPC NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP 1st BB Lightweight(Pro Card)

RM: Terrence, do you remember the first time you walked into a gym and what that experience was like?

TR: Well I trained on and off since the age of 13, my mother’s friend had a home gym and when we would visit I would go mess around in there. The first time I really started hitting the gym was my freshman year of high school. Ha-ha I remember being pissed off that I could barely bench press the bar.

RM: What are the best things about the Classic Physique division?

TR: I believe that CP is bringing the art back that has been slowly leaving bodybuilding. It is slowly bringing back the nostalgia of 70’s & 80’s bodybuilding. The thing about classic physique is size is no more important than any other judging criteria which gives hope to the younger generation to get into our sport.

RM: What are your other passions beside bodybuilding?

TR: Well, I’m somewhat of a decent artist, I’m not on Kai Greene’s level but I know my way around a sketch book. Besides that I like to try different recipes in the kitchen and occasionally explore nature whether it be hiking or canoeing.

RM: Do you have any regrets in life?

TR: I don’t have any regrets I believe that everything that I have been through has led me to the place I am now.

RM: How would you describe your training style?12208420_693833010716233_8270491744520138188_n

TR: Very instinctual, honestly most days I don’t have a plan going into the gym or I come up with something a few hours before training. This off-season I plan on being a lot more structured though, I’ll be writing out my training plan for the month and keeping track of PR’s as well.

RM: What are the most important things to focus upon when you want to build an aesthetical muscular physique?

TR: I think that you have to have somewhat of an artistic eye to be a good bodybuilder. Just as a sculptor must be able to see where he needs to add clay as bodybuilders I believe that we must be able to take a step back and honestly critique ourselves to improve

RM: What does bodybuilding mean to you?

TR: Bodybuilding is my passion and im blessed enough to be able to excel in it. Bodybuilding for me is the love for sef-improvement. I believe this sport if done correctly can bring out the best in people & show them just how powerful they are both physically & mentally. Bodybuilding has created a way for me to give my wife and mother the extra things they want. I just hope that one day, it will become a full time gig and trust me I’m doing everything possible to make that a reality.

RM: Where incvgdfgh life is Terrence 10 years from now?

TR: Hopefully by then I have won at least One CP Olympia and maybe, just maybe doing battle with the best of the 212!

RM: Ok Terrence, time for the wrap-up. If there anything you want to mention or add – please go ahead:

TR: I just want to say that to be one of the best you have to be willing to make certain sacrifices. I did my first show at 19yo, turned pro at 21years old but during that time in-between I had tunnel vision. I lived bodybuilding, I didn’t go out and party I gave up certain luxuries like having a smart phone, cable, and the newest shoes or clothing. I also busted my ass doing whatever I could for my local gym and supplement store.I did all of this to fund my dream. I did all of this to achieve my goals. So what I would like to see from my generation and younger aspiring bodybuilders is less excuses and more hustle! Believing is not enough you must all be willing to put in the work and not just in the gym.

RM: Thank you Terrence for your answers and insights plus congratulations to your win at IFBB Kentucky Muscle! We are looking forward to see what you you bring to the stages in 2017 and we are wishing you all the best in all of your future endouvers!

Contact info: IG: IFBB_Ruff_Diesel
FaceBook: IFBB Pro Terrence Ruffin
YouTube: IFBB Pro Terrence Ruffin

Photo credits: 

Featured: NPCNewsonline
Rest: Shaqasia Ruffin

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