With just a few weeks away, the World Games in Fitness was held in Montreal Canada. One of the competitors was a young and talented athlete from Norway. Before Montreal svågrmhe came from a successful career – but now it was time for the big test – to see how her physique played out against the best amateurs in the world in the bikini division.

How did it all go then – well she mastered the competition in a suburb way by winning the whole bikini class. Moreover,  she is now applying for her IFBB Pro card and later on she wants to compete at the largest stages of the Pro world to battle it out against the best.

Let’s welcome the Quasi IFBB Pro  Sandra Kjøsnes Jokic!

Division: Bikini fitness
Country: Norway
City: Trondheim
Age: 20
Height: 160 cm 5’2 ft
Occupation: Personal trainer

RM: Sandra congratulations to your win at the IFBB World Championships 2014. You won the gold medal in Bikini Fitness up 160 cm. You must explain – how did it feel to wake up the morning the day after the event as a new world champion?

SKJ: Hehe, I have to admit… Iglengrant did never fall a sleep that night.. I didn’t sleep for a few days actually – not even on the plain, all the way back home! But during the time I were awake, I was so happy I couldn’t control myself. Could understand that it really happened.

RM: What does you plans look like when it comes to compete as a Pro in the future?

SKJ: I thought about the future the second I got off the stage, actually. I kept asking myself: «How can I beat this?» I was not sure about what opportunities I had, if pro was the next step. But now, after a lot more thinking, I have decided to search for the pro card. And hopefully I will hit the stage during 2015. But I will let my body rest a bit first – and go all inn when I start-up again.

RM: For how long have you been training and what made you decide to compete in bikini fitness?

SKJ: I started to train serious the day I became a member at Kaliber Gym. 22 January of 2013. So now I have trained in almost 2 years. So this was my third season on a row competing.. Why bikini fitness.. Some people in the gym kept pushing on me, so at last I decided that I had to try it, and then figure out if this was something for me. After that, I think we can say I was «bitten by the basil». I like the femininity around it, and my body fits well in that category.

RM: What is the most important physique attributes you must have to be a successful bikini competitor in your opinion?

SKJ:Thats a tough question. In my opinion the most important physique attributes in bikini fitness is to have an x-shape. A smaller waist than hips, some last and well-developed quads. Now I’m also a huge fan of well-developed quads and gluteus.. But as well as the physique you are born with, I think fitness is all about making the best illusion of «the best version of yourself» on stage, by posing how it’s right for you.

RM: In your opinion, what is the best and the worst things about the fitness culture?10342434_10152429811808979_6388502900187851395_n

SKJ: I can’t see any negative sites about it. Fitness has got me in to so many great things! The healthy lifestyle of nutrition food and weight training, the people who are in to it, all the people you meet, all the experience I have got and still going to discover… Getting to know myself and what I’m capable of, the self-confidence I never had before.. I have become so mentally strong on my fitness journey, and I’m so happy for that!

RM: What does a day in Sandra’s life look like – from the time you get up an until you go to bed?

SKJ: Waking up first time at 06.00 going out with my puppy to pee, go to bed again. Standing up about 08.00 a clock (out with my puppy, Arnold, again) turning on my Mac for some hours of work, making other people fit. Than a food break – eating breakfast while making food for the rest of the day, work some more, maybe writing a blog poArnoldst. A little lunch, than it’s time to hit the gym, come home for my favorite meal of the day, my «post workout». Walk the dog, take a shower, eat some more food, do some more work, meet up with friends and then go to bed. Love this lifestyle!

RM: What does your training schedule look like each week?

SKJ: Right now, I don’t have a schedule. I just train what I feel to train, but it’s still in some kind of «order». I’m hitting the whole body during a week, and I do a lot of glutei-work, because I want a bigger butt. Also working with my weaknesses, calves. Never trained that before now. And I concentrate about having contact, not on lift as heavy as possible!

RM: It is time for the round-up, if there is anything you like to add or someone you want to thank, please feel free to do so:
SKJ: I want to thank everyone who have been following me, and have had faith in me. I do appreciate it soon much! My friend, my family – my co-workers and my job at Strong Body for making this possible at all. My sponsorsAPQNAT14G-J1030G, Hair Talk, Sportsnutrition, my sun, and Kaliber Gym. The Norwegian federation of fitness and bodybuilding for letting me compete for Norway.. I have so many great people around me, I really can’t thank enough!

Sincerely Sandra Kjøsnes Jokic


Thank you for the participation. It will be interesting to see what you can accomplish in the future of your sport. Hopefully we can do a follow up after your pro debut.

We from RM wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


To reach Sandra:

Photo credits:

PHOKUS – Fotograf John Andre Aasen



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