Phil Heath – ‘Gifted the Documentary

Phil Heath

Phil Heath’s bodybuilding record is one of the best in the history of IFBB Pro League. In the Gifted documentary, Heath gives insights into his childhood and sporting background and what eventually led him to bodybuilding.

This year’s Olympia holds a bit more significance compared to the past five years. Heath is going for his 8th Olympia title. If he succeeds he will be tied with the record holders Lee Haney and Ronnie Coleman.

During the last years, Heath has had problems with stomach distending at times during shows. In addition, the champion means this has mainly been caused by a hernia.

However, right after Olympia in 2017 Heath underwent surgery to get it fixed. Now – around 11 months later he has had time to heal and it seems like there are possibilities for a more streamlined midsection this year.

One thing is certain, 5 days from now the world of bodybuilding will know how good of a package Heath brings to the stages, and if he will tie the record of Haney and Coleman.

Watch the full Gifted documentary about Heath’s life and career below:
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