Regan Grimes is 2’5 Weeks Away From His Olympia Debut

Regan Grimes

Regan Grimes, 25 years of age is getting closer to making his Olympia debut in Las Vegas. In the featured video, Grimes talks about the supplements he uses and gives a view into one of his workouts.

Grimes qualified to the Olympia this year by winning the New York Pro. During the upcoming weeks of that show, it wasn’t sure if he was doing the open division of the Classic Physique category.

However, as the hours went by and the registration had been done. It was clear the Canadian was making his debut in Classic Physique.

Even if Grimes was quite successful in the open category as a pro, it seems like after he qualified to the Olympia by winning is the Classic Physique debut, this is the division he will stay at.

How well Grimes will stack up against the Ansleys, Bumsteads or Wilsons at the Olympia, time will tell in 17 days.



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