Ronnie Coleman Back at It at 54 Years of Age

Ronnie Coleman

Ronnie Coleman, 8 time Mr. Olympia is arguably one of the best bodybuilders throughout history. In addition, Coleman still has the same passion for training at 54 as he did when he began.

Being one of the best and also have an extreme passion for working hard has a few side effects. Unfortunately one of those is injuries. There are no free rides in putting everything you have into any sport.

In addition, Coleman has battled a lot of injuries in the later years: everywhere from knee problems to complicated back surgeries which lead to problems walking and battling extreme pain from time to time.

However, the glory of achievements many times over shine the hardships. In Ronnie’s case, he would definitely see it that way. Winning Mr. Olympia 8 times in a row or squatting 800 lbs for reps gets your name written into the history books instantly. 

In many interviews, Coleman has got the question about if he has any regrets. His answer is always no. In fact, he wished he went for more reps in the classic 800 lbs squat video.

In the featured clip, Coleman is back in the gym training with intensity. In addition, one of his rehabilitation doctors has agreed on that training is an important element in his life. Without it, Coleman would lose a part of his life that he loves.


Ronnie Coleman Vs 800 lbs
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