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Seth Feroce Talks About the Pros & Cons of Using PEDS

Seth Feroce explains in the featured video the pros and cons of using anabolic Steroids and other performance enhancing drugs.

34-year-old Seth Feroce had a dream as younger man wanting to become an IFBB Pro. A dream that was, by his words, dependent on taking anabolic steroids.

He explains how testosterone for instance changes the chemistry of the body and can give irreversible side effects. For instance shutting down or lower the natural production, for good.

This is also something that has happened to the 34-year-old himself which makes him dependent testosterone replacement therapy (TRT).

Feroce continues with giving advices for people who either are competitors themselves or just use a few cycles a year.

For example he emphasizes eating more fruits and veggies to the cleanse and keep the body healthy. In addition, the importance of healthy fats and how essential cardio is for bodybuilders and people in general to keep the heart healthy.

Close to the end of the video Feroce says: “We love this sport because it doesn’t have any rules” But we have to be prepared to deal with the consequences of not having any rules.”


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